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Pistons and Nuggets make trade involving Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess

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The Denver Nuggets have traded Allen Iverson to the Detroit Pistons for Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess.

After a morning of speculation, the Associated Press announced the deal is official.

Billups is a Denver native and played his college hoops at Colorado.

* The Boston Globe reports that Iverson had been telling people in Denver he expected to be packing his bags soon.

*The Rocky Mountain News says Iverson would be a perfect fit in Detroit.

* The Detroit Free Press consulted Rasheed Wallace for comment, which is always entertaining.

What do you think of the trade? Judging from the reaction on some Pistons message boards, the good people of Detroit are sorry to see Mr. Big Shot go.

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WOW! Just found out the news. Didn't see that comeing!

i think this trade benefits the nuggets slightly more, but it seems like a good trade for both teams. After all, the Pistons need a high scorer if they want to beat the celtics in the Conference finals

I sure hope that Joe D knows what he is doing. The Pistons have plenty of scoring power and appear to need some defense. Billups is further past his prime than Iverson, but Iverson does not fit in as well with the Detroit Team mentality. There are no stars in Detroit and they don't need a star. They need another point guard that can score and play defense. McDyess will be missed. No one will know that Chekh Sambs left.

This would be the worst trade of the decade for Detroit. How do you deal away the best point guard you have had since Isiah and an awesome sixth man for a declining skilled off guard when you have had so many consecutive conference finals appearances. I assure you if they make this trade will be the 5-6 seed in the East and be blasted out first round. I like Stuckey and All, but he is not ready to co-lead this team to the Finals...with turnover( I mean A.I)

Say it ain't so...this does not sound like it will be in the Pistons favor...Get rid of McDyess, but not Chauncey...bad move.

If this happens LOOK OUT EASTERN CONFERENCE with the exception of last year Detroit has dominated this is the piece that will give them the edge over Boston.

worst trade ever

are you guys serious? AI is so much better than the both of them and will fit in perfectly there. Maxiell is an up and coming star and can step into Mcdyess' shoes as the sixth man with ease. As someone that has been following Allen since his career started trust me when i tell you.. All will be well in Detroit.

Pistons will need another locker room just for AI's ego

The nuggets will be fine. They have enough fire power without iverson and what they really need is a experienced and calm point guard just like chauncy. The pistons, who are known for their defense and never having a star, finalllly have one in iverson and finallly have a ligitimate offensive threat. good deal for both teams and for the first time ever, detroit wont be boring to watch. GO I3.
p.s. rodney stucky will learn a lot more about being a baller behind iverson then billups!

This helps both teams because it gives Denver a point guard who can distribute and some size down low with McDyess to replace Camby. Joe Dumars has been quoted in saying he'll break up the team and with this trade it enables the Pistons to be a fastbreak team in a struggling Eastern Conference and should assure them a #2 seed behind Boston once the playoffs begin. Put Iverson next to Rip Hamilton at the off guard, Tayshaun at the SF,Sheed at the PF and Maxiell as a Center and I give them at least a 2 year window to win another title.

This trade could go either way. Statistics wise Iverson looks a little better than Billups. But I dont think Iverson would fit in with the Detroit Pistons. I definitley dont think he's worth McDyess and Billups seeing how it is he's at the end of his rope and all. With these two players gone we still have four out of five starting players that just might keep us at the contender status. The main focus for the detroit pistons is to beat boston. they are the only contenders in the nba. My prediction is that we will at least make it to the eastern finals again.

will AI play tonight?

AWESOME TRADE!!!!!!!!!!!

i am very excited about this trade if it happens chauncey and McDyess are slowing down
iverson wants a ring
at the end of the year we dont sign iverson and we get 20 million in cap space for some one else or we can trade him before the deadline and get 1 or 2 good players to help our bench i am predicting

hermann who has been playing great
i like it

2 smooth, or too stupid? do u even know that stat line on allen iverson? have u seen his growth over the last ten years?? all u haters are the same. it seems simple to hate, when everyone else does. he is the ONLY player in nba history to be ranked in the top five in scoring, steals and assists in the same season in 04-05. not to mention the 31 points 10 assists he avereaged in the playoffs that year. not to mention that he has averaged no less assists since that point, only more... the past is the past, hes learned and grown. n deserves every right to be looked upon as an nba great. chancey billups is a stand up point guard, not a bad thing to say about him. but to compare these two are wrong. u say that iverson is declining. look at both their stats from last year. iverson is +9 in points and +.03 in assists. not to mention a full steal ahead of him. so stop hating, this is a good trade for eeveryone. detroit has been stagnant for years. yeah yeah yeah conference finals blah blah blah... does anybody remember the buffalo bills from the nineties???? me neither. it is a good trade for everyone, let it ride...

Kyle responds: OK, two things.
1. EVERYONE remembers the Bills losing 4 Super Bowls in a row. 2. Making it the Conference finals 6 years in a row does not qualify as 'stagnant'.

All I have to say it, Feels good to cheer for a good team now. Iverson fan til the end.

I can't believe this. I like A.I but not wearing a piston jersey. I dont believe that it was the smartest to give Chauncey up. True, Joe Dumars was pissed last season and stated that nobody was safe. I hope he knows what he's doing. No matter what I will always love Billups and the professionalism that he brought to the team. As for Mcdyess, I'm not surprised.

without research, there arent to many people in this world that could tell u a buffalo bills player on those teams. other then thurman, joe, reed n a few others. including head coach mark levy! haha its true. n another thing, not downplaying six conference finals at all. but stagnant is, "characterized by lack of development, advancement, or progressive movement. i mean if u believe that because they are not getting any worse, stagnant they cant be. it's in the definition. a reach i know. but it is what it is. hopefully this change will help???

It is difficult to see Chauncey go great player and a character guy, too few of his kind in professional sports to be sure.

But, remember the fourth quarter of game six against the Celtics? The Pistons could not find a shot and collapsed. Iverson can find a shot from anywhere on the court at any time. He can make the three or take it to the hoop in the blink of an eye. Also, Iverson’s game is more like Stuckey’s game. Maybe with both of them Detroit’s offense will become more aggressive in going to the hoop for the entire game, not just when Stuckey is in the game.

I was shocked to turn on the TV to hear that AI was being traded to Detriot. He was gonna be a Piston anyway before he was a Nugget so I think its a good look. Im sure that Joe knows what he's doing and the team will work together and will be contenders for another ring. Chauncey is a great player and I think he will do good in Denver. Im sure Coach Karl can do something with him and make the Nuggets better. All you haters out there that think AI cant help the Pistons succeed is falling on deaf eyes to me. Iverson may be 33 but he still plays like it was 96' all over again. Iverson fan to the fullest, he's representing the hometown of VA....Cheers to a new beginning once again! Go Bubbachuck!

Regaurdless of stats and predictions....The truth about this trade will be told by the All-Star break...I'm a tad bit shocked by this trade because of consistent eastern conf. finals Detroit has been....i could care less about the Nuggets but as far as the Pistons go, Iverson has to morph into a TEAM player. I do believe that with Iverson coming to the D, the supporting cast (Rip, Tay, Sheed, Max) will shine. For the simple fact that Iverson is still Iverson. He draws 2 defenders everytime he looks at the ball, so dishing to a open rip or tayshaun will prove murder for opposing teams.

this is the best trade yet. i like AI as a player, but not as a Nugget. in my opinion, this was Melo's team and when i heard we got AI in trade for Miller and Smith, i almost had a heart attack lol he's a great player but he is also a ball hog and Melo needs more attention for his skills. Since AI left the 76ers [which is probably because they didnt get a title] he came to Denver. Well we didnt get a title either, so its no suprise he got traded again. We got 2 amazing ball players in return and it doesnt hurt to have a native back in his place! :]]

Regaurdless of stats and predictions....The truth about this trade will be told by the All-Star break...I'm a tad bit shocked by this trade because of the consistent eastern conf. finals Detroit has been in....i could care less about the Nuggets but as far as the Pistons go, Iverson has to morph into a TEAM player. I do believe that with Iverson coming to the D, the supporting cast (Rip, Tay, Sheed, Max) will shine. For the simple fact that Iverson is still Iverson. He draws 2 defenders everytime he looks at the ball, so dishing to a open rip or tayshaun will prove murder for opposing teams.

This is the best trade ever. Good trade for Detroit because with A.I they will be amazing. Denver will even get worse because Chauncey started sucking after that crouch injury during the playoffs when the were versing the Magic. Everyone knows that Mycdyss is a joke. I guess Detroit is a championship team again.

well the pistons are freeing up a lot of cap room after this season by doing this and will give them an opportunity to pursue much more talented players.

I just feel the Pistons are playing Lathargic basketball and something needed to be done and with Iverson coming to the end of his contract if this trade doesn’t work with AI they can start fresh the following season.

Nuggets needed a true PG and leader, now they have one to go with their young talent, JR Smith is going to need to step up. I just hope NeNe stays healthy and they can fill Camby’s defensive void in the front court.

Win/Win no matter which way you look at it, good trade

I honestly thought that Joe Dumars was one of the smartest dudes in the League... right up until today.

We don't need a celebrity. AI might be a high scorer but we weren't hurtin in that department.

Ai is better than bullups tell me what he did last year in the finals? hes not the same player and they made a great move nobody can guard Allen Iverson in the nba and he will create so much for everyone around him. and he led the league in steals a year hes a good defender but its called team defense not one player ok.

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