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Obvious pun alert: Matt Ryan's girlfriend is named Sarah Marshall

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sarahmarshall.JPGSports and movies are really merging together today.

First we had the feel-good Tony Romo goes to the movies story and now we learn that Atlanta Falcon rookie sensation Matt Ryan's girlfriend is named Sarah Marshall.

From ESPN:

"The Falcons made Ryan the first quarterback taken in the draft, and the richest, with a six-year, $72 million contract (including $34.75 million guaranteed). After the draft, Ryan immediately flew to Atlanta with his father, Mike, then bought a house and began acclimating.

"That was very important to Matt, to be settled early on," Mike Ryan said.

The fresh-faced Exton, Pa., native, who'd lived his entire life in the Northeast, soon found that he enjoyed Southern living. He particularly likes the fast-food chain Popeyes, which, along with pizza, are his self-professed weaknesses. His girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, a former BC basketball player, also moved to Atlanta, and she has become the resident cook for the two of them on weeknights.

Also of note: Ryan enjoys Pacey Whitter's latest joint, "Fringe".

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Hey Everybody,
I did not know this exceptional woman was his girlfreind...late last year i met this girl from philly who swore she was his gf.
I mean she knew stuff that only a gf would or SHOULD know.
i think her name was Whitney...WOW! jokes on me...what a stalker or liar...maybe a lying stalker!

His High School girlfriend was named Whitney.

This girl's name is Sarah Marshall, they went to college together at BC. They have been together for like 4 year now? and are predicted to get married.

Oh yeah- he is going to marry her-- NOT. Wait until he gets more confident in the NFL and dumps the security blanket girfriend. Suppose Tom Brady, Tony Romo, Donovan Mcnabb and Matt Ryan decided to got to Cancun in February on Brady's jet...and where giving a lift to a few USC cheerleaders on Spring Break. Yeaaaaaahh (in Blumberg from The Office tone)yeahhh.. he would not cheat. Yeaaaaah.

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