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MizzouRAH! A proud alum gushes

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Someone owns this car -- a fellow fan (or possibly player) of my alma mater, University of Missouri. And that fact makes me a very proud alum.

donk2.jpgAfter consecutive losses to Oklahoma State and Texas this year, Mizzou's hopes for a national title fell by the wayside. However, what a lovely surprise this morning when I checked Deadspin and found this gem. The Mizzourah blog apparently first posted it.

Note the tiger tail hanging from the trunk. That's a Mizzou tradition -- Saturday mornings driving down I-70, which bisects the state and connects Columbia to St. Louis and Kansas City, it's quite common to see the tiger tails hanging from the trunk of the car in front of you. It's a not-so-subtle way of letting the world know, "Hey ... I'm a tiger and I like novelty items."

Deadspin speculates that this particular ride may belong to star safety/rapper William "Willy-Mo" Moore -- who, by the way, will net you a ridiculous amount of INTs on NCAA 09 in the franchise mode. A warning though ... he'll try to go pro on you after the first season, but it's quite worth it to drop some of your recruiting points to keep him around.

Hurray, Hurrah, and a bull for old Mizzou! Indeed.

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