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Mississippi State coach Sylvester Croom resigns

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Mississippi State football coach Sylvester Croom has resigned.

is reporting the news.

Croom, the first African-American head coach in the history of SEC football, took over the Bulldogs in 2004.

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Sly Croom was a great guy. The bulldogs should really appreciate all the hard work he has given to the University. It seems he also had enough class to realize he just wasn't getting the job done. I heard it said best by a true football fan. There are lots of good people in this world but they don't deserve 2 million per year and a head coaching job at Mississippi State. It does not make him any less of a good person. Good luck to Coach Croom and Good Luck to Mississippi State.

It seems to me that when coach croom first came to Mississppi State they had a "pityful" football program and during his tenure there they rose to become at the very least a competing program. So he had a bad season, everyone does at some point. I think he should be commended on the work that he had done and as far as "getting the job done" the stats speak for themselves.
They won the Liberty Bowl just last year and he himself was awarded the distinguished honor of being named SEC COACH OF THE YEAR.

As a Mississippi State alum, I was thrilled when Sylvester Croom was named head coach, and was equally saddened by his announcement Saturday. He's done a great job rebuilding the team, but it was unfortunate the Bulldogs lost the only game that really counts (vs. Ole Miss), and by such a wide margin (45-0). I'd hoped they'd win, which would have paved the way for Croom to continue next year despite the losing season this year.

Thank you for your hard work, laying the foundation for growth, and best of luck to Coach Croom. Hope State can find someone to fill his big shoes.

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