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Melody LaLuz Fabien and Claudaniel Fabien wait until marriage to kiss

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weddingkiss.jpegHere's a little heartwarming story for you to enjoy while the miserable weather sets into the Midwest.

Claudaniel "CD" Fabien and Melody LaLuz Fabien pledged to be abstinent before marriage -- but went a little further by agreeing not to kiss each other on the lips before their union was official.

The couple's wedding was yesterday and they finally locked lips.

Now you may kiss the bride   [Sun-Times]

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Wow that's wonderful guys

That sow it should be. Good for them.

I think that is incredible. Abstinence is something that I also would like to practice before marriage, but it seems finding a man that will respect that is very hard to find. Congratulations to them - - I hope they are incredibly blessed in their marriage because of this!

Horribly Awkward First Sexual Encounter 'Worth The Wait' For Christian Newlyweds

Once again, The Onion is way out ahead of the news.

I think thst it is ridiculous, how can you know someone 100% as you should know them before marriage if you have never been intimate with them. If you know you are going to be together, what difference does a ring and your last name make? I think some people take it too far. This is why so many people are unhappy in their marriages in the long run.

How do they know they can live together though?

Anonymous states "I think thst it is ridiculous, how can you know someone 100% as you should know them before marriage if you have never been intimate with them"

While that certainly sounds logical, academic studies have shown the reverse is true. That is, people who cohabit with their partner prior to marriage show a much higher rate of divorce AND unhappiness than those that didn't. I believe there are other studies which show happiness is better for those that remain abstinent over any nonabstinence bunch (whether cohabiting occurs or not).

A powerful demonstration of willpower and commitment. As for "knowing someone 100%", that's not possible no matter how long you date. When you marry, you commit in a legally/socially binding way that really changes the way you view the relationship. The way you felt about the person during courtship changes dramatically, the relationship must be completely re-negotiated, and it won't matter what you did before the marriage.

For those who were complaining about the person not knowing the other person, thats impossible, if they have been together that long, and have trusted eachother enough to stay abstinant for that long, they are obviously good for eachother, and I wish a happy life for them both, and that maybe more people should practice abstinence, and there would be less disease and unwanted pregnancies, that result in abortion!

My wife and I were not only abstinent before marriage but we also waited for the first kiss to be at the altar. Perhaps even more surprising is the fact that I proposed on our first date! Granted, there's a lot more to the story than just asking a girl out and then proposing. The whole story actually takes about 2 hours to tell. Our relationship, based on Biblical principles rather than emotion, had the right foundation from the start. We've been able to share our story with thousands of youth over our last 10 years of marriage. Ephesians 3:20 says, "Now unto Him who is able to do immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine . . be the glory."

"I think thst it is ridiculous, how can you know someone 100% as you should know them before marriage if you have never been intimate with them"

I have no idea why this insane notion is so predominant. The plumbing ALWAYS works just fine. It's a raft of OTHER issues that often doom a marriage, or determine its success. Mostly, it's hard work by two people who are willing to be unselfish that makes a marriage last.

If someone can't handle sex and would be a disappointment on that basis in marriage, take my word for it -- you'll discover a raft of other things about 'em that're just WRONG without ever heading into sexual experience with 'em. And frankly, it'd be good to know all that stuff ahead of time BEFORE getting into sex, with all its potential health, procreational, and emotional baggage.

Unless, of course, the attitude is that "well even if this doesn't go anywhere I can at least get some," which would indicate that the person thinking this way is the one who should be avoided. ;-)

What a joke! Biblical principles? Like beating you wife with a stick no bigger than the diameter of your thumb? Or how to plant your crops? Or how to dye your clothe? Come on! Read the history of your bible, and see how clerics have re-written, re-interperted that man-made book over and over again, to the point that any real content has been lost, perverted and used to control the simple-minded. What other text has been re-written so often? How is going against your bodily functions following the biblical principles? Maybe it's in the bible that one should avoid elimination too.

To each his (and her) own, of course. Just as long as these people can tolerate my chosen lifestyle, which wouldn't include abstinence in a million years, despite the certainty of fundamentalists of all religous stripes throughout the ages that the life I lead is somehow wrong.

And if they can't tolerate it in their hearts, then thank God we've evolved laws that force them to respect my choices. I'm so glad theocracies have pretty much died out.



It's so silly and it shows immaturity to think that marriage is based on physical sex, or orgasms, or sexual anything. Marriage is a committment. Immature people who think that committment should exist in the context of pleasure. So when these immature people create the construct of their false ideal relationship (ie. have sex without committment), you get promiscuity and fatherless children, sociological and health decline. Fatherlessness contributes to growing criminal element in the form of poorly socialized children, Promiscuity leads to SDT epidemics that a sexually addicted society is in denial of.

The proper context is commitment, and pleasure seeking should exist within that construct. This is what Melody LaLuz and Claudaniel Fabien did.

Childish minds should be humble, study more, and stop showing their ignorance of socially responsible behavior. They shouldn't put their baby maker (sexual organ) on the line for a childish hunch about the way the human family and the world works. The jury is out, but denial is still a deadly luxury (referring to STDs and the Gang Wars of the droves of fatherless boys).

Wow, for me this is unbelievable! I was surprised how many people agree with Claudaniel "CD" Fabien and Melody LaLuz Fabien. For me marrying someone without even having kissed this person is impossible in the 21st century.(Exceptions can be found in some developing countries across the globe.) I think that those 2 newlyweds are just trying to get the attention of the media. Honestly, do you people believe that they never had sex in their life? As a European, I find the opinion of some of the people, who commented here, quite strange. What is the problem with finding more about your sexuality and experiencing pleasure? There are condoms against STDs and all kinds of other methods of contraception. I guess that Europe and USA are quite different culturally and mentally after all.


I had the opportunity to meet Melody and was once again encouraged by he power of true love and commitment. This is to anonymous, it is so sad that you can not believe that a love and a relationship of emotional and heart felt depth such as this can exist today. You are right it is hard but very possible and so much worth the wait. I married at 32 and experienced both sides of the fence. Very active until the age of 22 then celibate until my wedding night and can tell you the heartache, emotional pain and a few scares that condoms and contraception can not protect you from was nowhere near worth it. My husband and my marriage is not perfect, but that area of our life is and the trust that we have far exceeds that of many. Also during my time of celibacy, I grew in so many other areas of my life because I learned the benefits of patience and delayed gratification and experienced what I would see as ultimate respect. I have plenty of friends who are married and did not wait and they have good marriages. I am saying that you take a HUGE gamble when you put yourself out there like that and the emotional ramifications are endless. Yes you may be European and some of us American but having lived in many other countries I find societal norms and customs may be different but heart issues are the same. This story deserves great applause. If condoms and contraception were the answer why do we have such epidemics of STD's. It is sad that you can not believe that such a love exist, the kind that more of is needed today!

Everyone who disagreed with thier decision are idiots. wat they did was right. big deal its hust a kiss they did what misunderstanding morons fail to do. their marrige was textbook and i feel that god and the bible was the perfect example to base thier lives on. marrige is origionally a union of two people under god so back off of them stop hating because its gets you nowhere. CD congrats bro and ill see you at church on sunday. Mrs. Fabian you have one of te worlds best guys. my your live be bountiful and long.

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