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Local writer pens love letter to former Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti

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Luxury magazine Michigan Avenue has published a piece on former Sun-Times co-worker Jay Mariotti titled "Mariotti Unplugged" in its Holiday 2008 issue. As the deck headline promises, "The outspoken, defiant, polarizing (some say petulant) former Sun-Times sports columnist opens up about new friends, famous foes, and the future of journalism."

Chicago writer Josh Schollmeyer, whose current Facebook status claims he's "dropping magazine articles like Ani DiFranco drops albums," penned the piece. It contains a trough of rehashed play-by-play from Mariotti's departure from the paper three months ago, along with 12 cunningly crafted Q & A questions with the columnist and ESPN personality himself, including the following sound bite:

"MA: Describe Jay Mariotti the coworker.
JM: I'm the best teammate you'll ever have-- if you're in this business for the right reasons. If you're a columnist who's lazy, boring, political, doesn't write the tough piece, you'll hate me. If you're a beat writer who courts the favor of the people you cover and knows more than you report, you'll hate me. If you're an editor who doesn't have vision and guts, you'll hate me. But if you care and have a soul, we'll get along great."

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I'm glad that Mariotti's gone, but he's right about the website, it's antiquated.

Funny, I have no problem with Mariotti the writer, but Mariotti the TV personality is the biggest douchebag to ever collect douches. Geezus, what a schmucktard!

That one question and answer sounds like I just listened to two minutes of Jay interviewing for a job.

Personally, I wouldn't hire him to write slogans for dry cleaning ads.

Is there any particular reason that the two pictures in that article, Moronotti is just standing against a wall, trying his best to look like a model for Kohl's? The second one is pretty fitting: standing downtown with a foot on the wall, the light shining on him as the "lowly" citizens of this over-reacting city walk by him. He simply radiates with douchiness.

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