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Kyle Orton injured in Bears/Lions game

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Nothing funny about this one. Kyle Orton went down late in the first half with what looked to be an ankle injury. This is a huge blow to the Bears offense, which had only managed to put up only 13 points in the first half.

No word yet on the nature or severity of the injury, but friend of the blog Mike Hall reports from the sideline that Orton's out for the game.

Rex Grossman took over in the second half as the Bears' quarterback and managed to hit Rashied Davis for a touchdown with 7:00 left in the third quarter.

Before leaving the game, Orton was 10-18 passing for 110 yards.

Brad Biggs, covering the game for the Sun-Times, has an explanation of the play where Orton got hurt.

What do you think: If Orton's injury (higher power forbid) is serious, what effect does this have on the remainder of the Bears season? What do you think of Grossman's job filling in as backup?

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The effect? That will be determined by what Grossman will bring this time around. And knowing Grossman, you never really know what that is. I can guess more turnovers in the form of pass interceptions.

Kevin Replies: Well, the crowd booed Grossman off the field following his first drive, so it would seem that some things never change.

Here's the thing about Grossman, he has unbelievable talent and skill but one bad throw and his confidence is crushed and he turns into a 3 game head case. He's like a light switch, either he's on or he's off, there is no in between. If he could get his head under control he would have the potential to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Unbelievable talent and skill? One of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time? Are you kidding me!? Comments like that are the reason why nobody respects Chicago fans. Watching these two qb's today clearly explains why the bears went ahead and made Orton the starter. Although I agree, there is no in between with Grossman. He's either horrible, or at best, mediocre.

Here's the deal:

Rex does have unbelievable potential and I'm stoked he'll get a chance to play again in Chicago. Kyle has had a great season and I certainly don't wish him any pain, but I do think Rex has more to offer an offense when he's on.

That being said, I will admit that Rex has to get his head in the game and keep the confidence flowing. He's a gunslinger and he'll open up the running game bigtime because he's a threat to throw a touchdown from anywhere on the field.

If the Bears are smart enough to keep the playbook open for him, the Bears will win a tough couple of games coming up and Rex will be a huge part of that.

If Orton is out for more than 3 weeks, he'll come back to being the backup again and the Bears at that point will lead the NFL in offensive points scored per game rather than being second - there's a ton of weapons out there at Rex's disposal and pretty decent protection for a change.

Rex Grossman is not a reliable quaterback. There is a strong correlation with Rex being quaterback and us losing games. If Kyle is out for the season which I sincerely hope he isnt, the bears offense is going to be lead by matt forte making our plays predictable. I wish rex was good but hes just average, every time he throws theres a 50% chance of an interception.

I'd much rather have consistency than a gunslinger. Kyle has done so effing well when reading the defense, calling off plays and getting the ball downfield. And with Forte in the BF, that's a good combination. We're 5-3 thanks to that, especially because our defense is struggling. I really hope Kyle's ankle isn't a bad injury.

Kevin Replies: Ditto ... Orton seems to have really matured mentally too while it has looked at times like Rex has devolved. I think Ron Rivera's comments about Grossman's mind were fairly apt last season.

i really hope orton's ankle is ok!however, it was great to to rex come out & pull it off! in response to all these jerks negative remarks about rex ,who are you!? you're sitting there on your fat asses watching on tv while he's out there doing it! whats your excuse why aren't you in the nfl!?

Kevin Replies: That's kind of a cliche thing to throw out there ... the whole, 'well, you can't read a defense and thread the needle for a first down on par with even a backup quarterback' argument. That's why fans exist though. Without the right to nitpick and criticize there would be no fans because it wouldn't be fun -- trickle that down and you have something akin to the George Clooney vehicle "Leatherheads." That argument is kind of like the playground fight that ends with 'Oh yeah? Well at least my dad's not dead!' It just kind of sucks the air out of the room and everyone's left asking each other 'Who brought them to the party?' That said, welcome to the party. We're glad you're here and glad you've taken the time to comment here at Sports Pros(e). We look forward to your future comments.

Being a huge Bears fan & Gators fan, I can tell you right now that Rex is nothing more than good when he's on, and beyond terrible when he's off. The reason he excelled at Florida was because.. it was Florida. In Chicago, suddenly theres a lot more pressure on mostly him, and certain wekanesses in the team bring out that pressure. He's terrible under pressure, and thats why he'll never be great. Orton seems to have matured, while grossman sticks to his old habits; thats why orton was doing great before his injury. The Bears need him back, because without him I can tell you right now, there is gonna be a lot of frustration in Chicago, especially after watching the game against the Titans. Whith Orton I think the bears couldve won, and can continue to win and clinch the NFC north.

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