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Does anyone out there believe in the magic of Notre Dame football?

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weis.jpgCharlie Weis and Notre Dame travel to Los Angeles tonight to take on USC in a game that most people think won't be much of a game.

Neil Hayes
writes that a win today would rank as one of the greatest upsets in the rivalry's history and an uninspired blowout could cost Weis his job.

Irish wide receiver Golden Tate also dons his Captain Obvious cape, saying not many people outside of the Notre Dame locker room think his team has a chance.

So, does anyone out there think Notre Dame will shock the world and take down the mighty Trojans? Or will USC run all over them?

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ND comes out strong with a passing attack, the defense puts up a stand in the first quarter but allows a 50yd touchdown pass. ND moves the ball but cant get into the endzone. They go into half 14-0 USC. The bigging of the secound half first play Clauson is intercepted and its ran back for a touchdown AKA the end the game and the Weis era. Final score 42-0 USC. The majic left with Lou. I love ND, and nothing but respect for Weis but when my girlfriend sits their and can predict what play is getting called and which way the ball is going that is bad. I hope its not his last year because of the recruits he is bringing in but its just said.

Anyone who proclaims that they do not believe that their team can compete on the playing field and bad mouths the players is certainly not a fan. Yes I believe in the magic of ND and have for over 60 years - win or lose. Easy to support a winner - really fans support their team who doesn't win all their games. The media and naysayers do not get it. You have an ND team which has five loses playing against a top 5 team and tough rival USC - yet the game is sold out and will draw a great tv audience. USC has not sold out any of their other games. Yes - ND is magic - was and always will be. Go Irish - ND 24 USC 23 .

Hope Springs Eternal...but I wonder if Charlie Weis is meant to be a Head Coach?

I Truly believe that the irish are going to shock a lot of people tonight. They have got a lot of young talent and this is the biggest game of their young careers. they are going to wake the echos and make everyone else believers. If you don't believe me just watch tonight. Chalie is going to keep the best job in college football....... GO IRISH

The Magic is real. The faith and tradition that IS ND football will always be a part of that magic. I agree w/the comment made by Bill Reid. I went to school years ago with a kid that wore his SF 49rs jacket everyday, even during some of their worst years ever. Everyone gave that kid a hard time because back then the 49rs weren't the "cool" team to support. Well, once they claimed the superbowl everyone was suddenly on board. Easy to be a follower when the team is a winner.
Frankly I was stunned and disgusted by the ND students who pelted the players w/snowballs at the last homegame. Such behavior is so far from what is expected of ND students, fans, etc. (or anyone in the stands)that explusion should have been immediate (and that includes explusion from the school if they were students!).
So for today I say stand up and forge ahead mighty IRISH! We support you 100%!

I think some of the people commenting here are missing the point. Notre Dame is a school with a special history in football. They will always have their devoted fans, but those fans demand a winner and will not tolerate excuses. Charlie Weis has gotten progressively worse as coach, not better. I think the figure is 16-5 to start his career, 12-15 since then. We are told to wait for his recruits to step up, but he is four years into his contract. Meanwhile Notre Dame is getting passed up by Utah, Cincinatti and most of the Big 12. The offense was suffering, so Charlie took over the playcalling and now they are even worse; shut out in the 4th quarter by Syracuse and only producing NINE TOTAL YARDS thus far against USC.

Love the school, hate the coaching.

Wake up everyone. This organization is toast. They are getting what they deserve, ND, for being so greedy and mightier than thou attitude. I used to admire them but doubt now they can ever return to national prominence. Maybe they should join the Ivy league or something like that. And if everything I read about Charlie Weiss is right I do not understand how the university ever hired him in the first place let alone give a contract extention of so many years when he had not done anything. I do not think he is a Catholic role model or a role model the university needs.

I used to Live in Northern Indiana, now I live in the Southwest and still get to follow ND out here. But I'm so tired of seeing and hearing ND lossing to SC every year.

Why can't ND hire any headcoach with some college experience? I would love to see Chris Peterson from Boise Stae, or someone like that to coach ND. If they can take a team like B.S. and make it a winning program they should be able to make ND a winning program...

Interception and Destruction is the Jeet Kune Do way...

ND just sucks. Deal with it people, OK?

Charlie is all talk and no results. He needs to watch the 60 minutes piece that was done a few years ago and then grade himself by it. If he does, he resigns the same day. ND would have been better off with George O'Leary.

I am not a fan of ND football but I had always respected them. They put a quality product on the field, they did not attempt to schedule championships and their players received a tangible asset for enriching the coffers of the university. I do not think ND bestows basket weaving degrees and their graduation rate is above 46% which happens to be Oklahoma's. When some of your students threw the ice balls at the student athletes, you lost a lot of respect. If winning is your main criteria go be a football power like the SEC and Big 12 schools, you have the money, cut the hypocrisy and recruit football players instead of students that happen to be athletes. Now take the money for your bowl game and prepare for your spanking as usual!

I read some of the comments above and just wonder what they've been looking at the last 2 years. The team is just bad - 6 & 6 with a really soft schedule. CW has either 3 or 4 recruiting classes eligible to be on the field and there's been no progress. With any kind of coaching ND should have no worse than 2 or 3 losses this year. People talk about being tired of losing to SC - what about losing to BC? Many years ago, ND hired a coach from BC - guy by the name of Leahy. That worked out pretty well for ND. Could history repeat? Add the ND name and a real coach and ND could easily rise from the depths. I'm not sure National Championship level every year but to be actually competitive for a title would be a really appreciated change

last time ranked in top 5 - - - 1993. 15 YEARS AGO!!! Say hello to mediocrity. Weis is not the man.

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