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80s high school movie mascots remembered

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Stumbled upon the glorious Stuck in the 80s blog today at and I couldn't be happier about that fact.

A couple weeks ago, editor Steve Spears compiled a list of mascots from the fictional high schools in all those 80s movies that we love to love. Why is this so wonderful? Because Mike Fox played for the Beavers in "Teen Wolf." And we're reminded of that before we even get to the lively comments section.

Yesterday, Steve called attention to the awful "Saved By Zero" commercials that Toyota is running. Horrible, horrible commercials. I will never consider buying a Toyota and I'll ridicule those who drive them because of this horrible horrible commercial.

Thank you, Steve. You've made my morning.

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1 Comment

A few days ago we get resolved for my high school mascots you also get helps from this.

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