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Phiten necklaces look cool, may improve your play

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As of 3 p.m., more people are punching in "Phiten necklace" into their Google Search field than any other phrase.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why. But I'll take a stab at it.

You'll see many of the Boston Red Sox sporting the necklaces when they host the Tampa Bay Rays today in a pivotal Game 3 matchup at Fenway Park.

Phiten necklaces are designed to relieve neck and shoulder pain while looking awesome around your neck when you blast a two-run homer.'s Scott Kendrick weighs in on the accessory here.

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The FDA nor the doctors have tested and approved its medicinal effects.I think this is one of those fads which will pass, or, gain momentum depending on how the players sporting these accessories play.

Judging by the way the Sox got clobbered, I guess they need to dump truckloads of phiten titanium necklaces in the club house!!

These things really work when iplay soccer.
I strap them arond my thigh and it doesn't make the hits seem so hard.

these necklaces are very good for young players who play alot. it takes alot of stress from your neck.

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