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PETA wants Philadelphia Phillies' Shane Victorino to stop eating SPAM

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Before this postseason started, I knew that Shane Victorino was from Hawaii and that he was fast. Over the past two series, it's become clear that he is the spark plug of a Philadelphia Phillies team that looks very capable of winning the World Series. He's an exciting player to watch, and his recent power surge had added yet another dimension to his dynamic game.

But not everyone is a fan of Victorino.

"After finding out Victorino's favorite food is SPAM musubi, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' Assistant Director Dan Shannon sent him a letter, calling for him to give up SPAM because its maker Hormel is under an animal cruelty investigation.
What is spam musubi, you ask?

"Spam musubi is a very popular snack and luncheon food in Hawaii made in the tradition of Japanese onigiri, also known as a musubi. A Spam musubi is composed of a block of salted (not vinegared; that would be sushi) rice with a slice of Spam (cooked or uncooked) on top, and typically nori (dried seaweed) surrounding it to keep it in shape. It is the favorite food of Hawaiian baseball player Shane Victorino.
Sounds gross, but if it made me play like Shane, I'd eat it for every meal.

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This story has got to be absolutely one of the most ridiculous stories i have ever heard thus far.
What next are they gonna come down on ppl who love cheeseburgers because its cruelty to cows?
What about the cruelty to chicken in fried chicken??? LMAO
What about all the millions of fishes that are consumed on a daily basis?
Or im sorry does sea life not count in this quest and belief to save all things that live?
Even though the amount of fish has dropped drastically within the past decade.
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol (yes that's right I am laughing out loud hysterically)
What a waste of internet space. lol
Shane Victorino from Hawaii like most of us locals love spam musubi a child hood snack you could liken to what a peanut butter jelly sandwhich might be to most mainlanders.
But while PETA puts this one man under attack, I'm sure they've also recognized that there is animal cruelty involved in almost all animal food sources.
Chicken farms, cow farms, etc etc etc.
So as they publicly criticize Shane and the state he represents, they should also criticize all celebrities and political figures who eat steaks, bacon, chicken, cheeseburgers, and all things meat.
Because as public figures, aren't they also encouraging animal cruelty?
Keeping in mind all the people who will eat these things because their favorite singer, actor/actress, sports icon, or political candidate does.
This seems almost outrageous right?
Apparently not for PETA.
So in the name of fairness to Shane and all of Hawaii, as well as their 100% commitment to their beliefs, attack all those who eat meat.
Unless of course PETA's beliefs are half ass, and they attack randomly or when they feel like it.
It's one thing to stand up for your beliefs, but it's almost hypocrital to do so, half ass, and furthermore to attack the wrong source (Shane V.), when they should be attacking the people directly responsible.
I wouldn't call PETA's statment to Shane a publicity stunt, I'd call it for what it is, a CHEAP SHOT.
He likes spam.
We like spam.

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