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Jose Canseco regrets writing "Juiced," naming players

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Reality television and 40/40 club enthusiast Jose Canseco regrets writing "Juiced," the book that many see as the impetus for the Mitchell Report.

From ESPN:

"During the A&E Network's one-hour documentary, "Jose Canseco: The Last Shot," Canseco said he "regrets mentioning players [as steroid users]. I never realized this was going to blow up and hurt so many people."

During the program, the 44-year-old Canseco said he "wanted revenge" on Major League Baseball because he believed he had been forced out of the game. The book was his means of getting even, and he named names "to show I was telling the truth" about steroids in baseball, he said.

Canseco also said he wishes he could apologize to players he named in his book, like Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire.

""If I could meet with Mark McGwire and these players, I definitely would apologize to them," Canseco said, according to the New York Daily News. "They were my friends. I admired them. I respected them."

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Apparently he admired and respected a lucrative book deal a little more than his pals.

Here's where, if I had the energy, I'd mount a rally cry against the seductive power of the almighty dollar and how it corrupts.

Kyle responds: And yet you actively rooted against a small-market team like the Rays?

I think a ghostwritten column by a Sanctimonious Steve would be good readin'. We used to have a guy like that around here...

my sympathy lies with jose.the decision he made to write the book was made out of the desperation and humiliation he suffered by being banned from the game that he loved so much.

Kyle responds: Surely you aren't implying Canseco is a victim in all of this, are you?

This is simply a publicity stunt. He doesn't regret writing the book, he is just trying to generate more money for his book through a meaningless interview with A&E

not implying anything. just saying that insecurities and depression leave people vulnerable and unable to make some otherwise rational decisions. he's human...

He got screwed by major league baseball. Bonds is twice the rat

Poor Jose, he states that he regretting writing "Juiced" during the A$E Last Shot special, and then he writes another tell all call "Vindicated". This guy is a media whore..snitch, reality SHOW diva, wife beater and insincere steroid junkie. This show really stamped the approval wax on the fact that Jose is a waste of a human being---a sociopath in the OJ Simpson category. Lock this idiot up before he comes to a city near you.

"On October 9, 2008, Canseco was detained at the Mexican border for [NOT STEROIDS!] but for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG), which is used to reverse the damaging effects of recent Anabolic Steroid Abuse."

This was printed on the last two frames of the A&E Documentary, Jose Canseco: Last Shot. It was rebroadcast on Sunday Oct. 25, 2008.

I believe his sorrow about outing his teammates is genuine; not on moral grounds but because of the consequences. He is being treated like a pariah now. He a Celebrity with nothing to celebrate and no friends to commiserate with. In other words, he's bummed out and lonely!

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