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Hines Ward hit on Keith Rivers was ... well, just watch the video

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The Steelers' Hines Ward has done it again. Despite $15,000 in fines for unnecessary roughness calls the past two games, Ward took advantage of the opportunity to level the Bengals' Keith Rivers with a shot that effectively looks to have ended the rookie linebacker's season.

Watch the video here:

Ward told the Post-Gazette, ""It was a clean hit. I didn't stand over the guy or anything. I just celebrated, the same as a guy does when he gets a sack."

One blogger sums it up his emotions: "Thus, Hines Ward is one of my favorite players in the NFL."

What do you think? Excessive or warranted?

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If you think that hit was excessive you shouldn't even consider yourself a football fan. Hines gives 100% all the time! He makes guys 2x his size look very bad. Keep up the good work Hines!

This hit was clearly dirty. He could have blocked him just as well with his his arms or even shoulder. He lead with his head. I love his effort, but it was excessive on that play.

I hate Hines Ward, but I respect how hard he plays. It was a clean hit. Those are the kinds of hits you dream of as a football player....

Just so you know, the two aforementioned fines totaling $15,000 were for plays that Hines was NOT flagged for. He was not, as this story says, flagged for unnecessary roughness. That's why Dan Rooney and Mike Tomlin have asked the league to specify their judgment. He was not flagged for either play, but was surprised with fines for both two weeks later. This play, like the two previous plays, was completely legal, and (as you can see in the video) was directly in front of a ref ... who DID NOT throw a flag. And a number of Bengals players have said it was a legit hit as well. If there's no flag, no players griping about it, and nothing outside the basic rules of football, then there shouldn't be a fine.

You wouldn't believe the comments coming out of Cincinnati from dim Bengals fans regarding Rivers being 86'd. Not only is their football team horrendous, their fans aren't very knowledgable either.

Completely clean hit. Defensive players need to have their heads on a swivel when Hines is around but if they don't, it's at their peril.

He lowered his head to hit him, that's what makes it cheap...there's never an acceptable reason to lead with your helmet.


He led with his head, to inflict the maximum amount of damage. Sure it sells but it's wrong. The hit is not clean if you lead with your head. Obviously you are not a football fan, but animal ball fan. They are supposed to be professionals, and don't need his cheap shot antics. FINE HIM


It was a "legal" hit, that doesn't make it a "clean" hit. Rivers was out of the play and if Hines was a team player he would have blocked the man down field who made the tackle, but then Mr. Selfish wouldn't make the highlight reel. Hines is a cheap shot artist who accomplished his task, hurt the opposing team. I think Hines deserves a "legal/clean" (since they are interchangeable on this board) helmet to the knees, and according to most the posts on this board that would be an acceptable "part of the rough game".

That was a great hit. I am not a Steelers fan by any means, but I love football. And that is what football is all about. GREAT HIT!!!

Ditto, Phil. Ward hides behind being legal all the time when he does stuff that is not clean. He plays hard, but doesn't know how to turn it off and keep from doing cheap stuff. There are lots of legal things that could have been done to him through the years but other players have more respect and character than that. He did it in college, and he does it in the pros. Too bad Cedric Benson had to clock Polamalu and knock his ugly Steeler helmet off instead of Ward's. Here's looking forward to the Youtube video in the future that shows Hines getting legally crushed in this rough game.

I completely agree with Phil. It was "legal" but it was still a dirty hit. He led with his helmet, and BROKE HIS JAW. It was completely unnessecary and ended the kids season. Hines Ward plays hard and is a good blocker, but he should clean it up a little.

"out of the play"? Rivers had an easy play at the tackle had it not been for the block by Hines. It's also very obvious even to the casual eye that Hines leads and connects with his shoulder, any helmet connect after that is completely incidental. While the same goal of getting the block could possibly have been accomplished by just jumping in between Rivers and Spaeth, then Hines takes the unnessecary hit well Rivers gets the free hit. I agree that the hit was more excessive then it needed to be, I wish Rivers the best in healing because he's a good player in a division with a lot of good linebackers, but there was nothing inherantly "dirty" with the hit Hines delivered. It was excessive, I'll give you kids that. But this isn't figure-skating out there, you expect guys to hit each other, get over it and enjoy the game.

The hit was legal and Hines plays football the way it was meant to be played. There are too many "special" rules these days to protect people from the game itself. Ward HAS been cheap-shot before in the past....the only thing is, he can get back up and smile about it. It's not because I am a Steeler fan, it's because I am a football fan. Most coaches would kill to have a player like Hines who takes his football duties first, then his receiving aspect secondly. If you want to read a bit more, listen to him (and others) explain his style of play.

And the Bengals can't wait to meet up with him again? Get in line people, the Hines train is still running.

Dirty cheap ass shot. Classic Hines Ward, out to hurt someone. It was a shot up under his helmet trying to hurt the kid. Hines gives it his all but he is a dirty player and always will be. If you think he is a clean player your just blinded by your love of him. Wake up.

Weston you have to be the dumbest person on earth to think that hit was dirty. Hines gives his all and that was a clean hit. Besides it was completely Keith Rivers fault for running at the ball carrier without looking up field for a potential hit coming his way. THIS IS THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Get it straight.

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