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Nickname Department: Philadelphia Phillies' Pat Burrell is "The Bait"

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One of the gimmicky things that I actually enjoy during sports broadcasts is having a celebrity introduce their team of choice.

I mean, when else do I get the opportunity to get a screen-grab of Mary Hart and the Los Angeles Dodgers' lineup?

When legendary Phildelphia broadcaster Harry Kalas introduced the Phillies before Game 1 of the NLCS he referred to hard-hitting left fielder Pat Burrell as "The Bait." Apparently this awesome nickname stems from his babe-attracting prowess.

"During his appearance on Fox, Kalas introduced Pat Burrell as "The Bait," then said that was a story for another day. That day has come. Here's that tale: During Burrell's first few years with the club, before he was married, the older players used to command him to make appearances at the bar while the Phillies were on the road. They dangled him as "bait" to attract women.

"Can you imagine how many hearts Burrell has broken?" Kalas said.


Also, Kalas can flat-out sing.

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