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Former Chicago Cub pitcher Kevin Foster dies

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Sad news today as we learn that former Chicago Cub pitcher Kevin Foster has died. He was 39.

"Kevin Foster was never a superstar during a seven-year, 100-game major-league career.

''But he was a superstar human being,'' Foster's brother, Mark, said Monday. ''He loved baseball, he loved people and people loved him. He was a happy person who got along with everybody, and we will miss him.''

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Kevin was the father of my daughter. In 1991 she was born. He gave up his paternal rights so my husband could adopt her, and his wife and he could have a good life together. I never really got to know him well, and neither did my daughter. I am grateful to him because of the beautiful 17 year old we have. Without Kevin, there would be no Kenzi. May he rest in peace. P.S. If his mother or brother would please send us recent photos of him, we would appreciate it since her only memorabilia is what others cards. (Not too personal) Thanks.

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