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Daunte Culpepper wants to play for the Detroit Lions. I repeat, Daunte Culpepper wants to play for the Detroit Lions

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Detroit Lions fans always need something to dull the pain. Daunte Culpepper could be that something. He wants to be that something.

Culpepper, who earlier this year retired from the NFL, wants to come back. Evidently to a team that is 0-7 and has won one playoff game since 1957.

From the Detroit Free Press:

"Free agent quarterback Daunte Culpepper is visiting the Lions today, after reportedly canceling a visit to Kansas City and saying he is in negotiations with a team that is a better fit.
You're a brave man, Mr. Culpepper. Very brave indeed.

*If I haven't said it before, the Lions won't win more than once this season.

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