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Cubs vs. Dodgers: An open letter to Manny Ramirez and James Loney

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Dear James Loney and Manny Ramirez,

In case you haven't heard, the Cubs franchise is in the midst of a bit of a drought when it comes to winning the World Series. I fully realize it's your job to win baseball games ... and be it that last night's (and tonight's) game pitted you against the Cubs, you can claim that you were only doing your job when you so unceremoniously trounced them 7-2.

But in case you haven't been reading the newspapers or devouring blogs, allow me to catch you up on what you've been missing.

This is the Cubs' year.

I know this partly because after the Cubs clinched their division, I spoke to several fans outside the park who told me so. We're talking several here -- like 28 fans who said, unflinchingly, that this is the Cubs year. And if you can trust anyone when it comes to letting you know who can and should win in the playoffs, it's the fans.

And if I may say so, Mr. Loney and Mr. Ramirez, it would seem after last night's performance that you're both hell-bent on bucking fate, on sticking out your tongue at the baseball Gods and choosing your own adventure rather than sticking to the script that was so clearly laid out before you when Ryan Dempster told the media on Day 1 of spring training that the Cubs would win the World Series.

So fellas -- ease up. Seriously. You're playing like you're actually trying to win. What's that about? Clearly this is not the Dodgers' year or the media and blogosphere would be saying, "This is the Dodgers' year." That was 20 years ago, my friends. And last I checked, there's no one named Orel or Kirk on your team.

I expect a Dodgers' loss tonight. Not because I'm a fan. But because I'm a member of the media. And what we say goes. In case you haven't noticed, we have the power to dictate the outcome of myriad events.

Back off, Manny. And James Loney, I don't want to see you giving us reason to ever use your name as a pun again.

That is all.


Kevin Allen
Sports Pros(e)

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I completely agree Kev!

This is the year! I am single handedly trying to shift the karma.

This is the year! I am single handedly trying to shift the karma.

Hi Kevin, Just thought I would let you know that KYLE has arrived at his vacation destination with us. We have successfully started the Cub's fan deprogramming process. I'm hoping we can finish before the inevitable.

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