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Coming soon to a video game near you: Barack Obama ads

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For many of us, video games are one of the few remaining bastions of solitude in this crazy world. They serve as a welcome escape from reality and provide us with the opportunity to mash buttons without thinking about politics.

Until now.

"Sen. Barack Obama is taking his presidential campaign somewhere no political campaign has gone before -- to video games.

The Obama camp has bought "billboard space" within nine video games, all from Electronic Arts: "Madden '09," "NBA Live '08," "Burnout Paradise," "Nascar 09," "Need For Speed Carbon," "Need For Speed Pro Street," "NFL on Tour," "NHL '09" and "Skate."

The virtual ads in the games are frequently updated with real advertising through online downloads. They feature a photo of the senator with text indicating early voting has begun and direct gamers to the Obama Web site

While I think this is a good start for Obama, it seems like he is missing a chance to tackle the issues that Madden gamers care about the most.

Where does Obama stand on the Cover 2? If elected president, would Obama mandate a fourth throwback jersey option for all teams? Can Obama promise to curb so-called "late-game cheating" by the computer?

I suck at Madden, by the way.

These guys don't.

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