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The Office: What's going to happen? You still watching?

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"The Office" was my favorite show on television for about four months during the first season. I'd never seen the British version and stumbled upon Creed Bratton, etc. while channel surfing. The subtle and sweet Jim-Pam dynamic was the driving force of the show and the will they/won't they tension was gripping.

In subsequent seasons, I've become less interested. The show has gone downhill, in my opinion. Tonight, Season 5 of Michael Scott's dysfunctional office begins on NBC.

There are tons of unanswered questions. Will Jim propose to Pam? Will Michael get back together with Jan?

And what about the new H.R. lady? What's her situation?

I want to hear some predictions for the upcoming season and if you're still watching "The Office".

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I feel like I can face another day of certain economic disaster....Jim and Pam are engaged! Finally, some good news!

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