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University of Idaho Vandals cheerleaders lose controversial uniforms, coach

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1_61_092309_cheerleaders01.jpgThere were tears in Idaho this week, and it all has to do with a story we told you about Tuesday. You remember this one -- the University of Idaho Vandals cheerleading squad (or was it a dance squad ... or some clever combination of the two?) wore uniforms at a home football team that were deemed by some fans and administrators -- or perhaps members of the squad themselves -- to be too revealing or too uncomfortable (or a combination of the two?).

Today, the Fort Mill Times is reporting that the squad's coach, Cassie Helm, has resigned in the midst of the scandal, officially making this a story that refuses to die.

Helm defends the uniforms, telling the Times that their presence helped inspire the gals to keep in tip-top shape:

"The kids were real motivated to look as best as they could," she said. "When you walk out there and you feel so proud about what you're doing, that's the goal of the whole thing. The kids had the package."

God knows what is actually meant by "the package." Perhaps that's cheerleader speak for "super spirit?"

At least one cheerleader on the squad, however, told the Times that the uniforms were the cheerleaders' idea and that they picked them out.

A FoxNews report that can be found here would suggest that once the uniforms arrived, some of the cheerleaders found them to be uncomfortable.

The Times goes on to report, however:

"Helm said some cheerleaders told her they cried after a meeting in which the uniforms were confiscated."

One can only speculate that these were not tears of joy.

Meanwhile, the Vandals football team remains 1-3, which is good enough for last place in the Western Athletic Conference.

NOTE: The Lewiston Tribune also did some reporting on the subject, including an article titled, "Poor body image? Fat chance, says squad," that we would happily link to, were it not for the fact that the Lewiston Tribune is the LAST NEWSPAPER ON EARTH THAT CHARGES FOR ITS ONLINE CONTENT. C'mon!

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Bummer about the uniforms. One can only suppose that the tags inside the garments were uncomfortable. also charges for content, and had 35 subscribers after 6 months @ $35/ y. The site cost $4+ million dollars to create. *shakes head*

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