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University of Idaho Vandals cheerleaders will be wearing more clothes from now on -- at least during football games

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Some fans deemed these outfits "inappropriate," according to Idaho U. dean of students Bruce Pitman. What do you think? (

Sports Pros(e) turns its attention to Moscow, Idaho for the first time ever this morning, where the University of Idaho cheerleading squad is being ordered by the university to wear more clothing. It seems their new outfits were deemed too skimpy by some fans. But, as Bruce Pitman, dean of students, was quick to point out to the Associated Press, "To be fair, there were a number of fans who liked them." Of course there were.

With a story like this brewing, the blogosphere is sure to be bubbling. RightFielders had this to say:

"The new Idaho cheerleader uniforms have been fitted, ordered and will be worn in October for the first time. They are 6? longer than the cute versions, remove the team logo from cheerleader ass, and generally look like something your ancestors wore on the Mayflower. They are in black and silver, so picture something resembling a linebacker on the Oakland Raiders."

Before the double-standard police come knocking, this news comes a couple weeks after the Vandals' football team was forced to have the school logo removed from the bum of their pants, as Deadspin discussed Sept. 6.

This is interesting, considering the football stands are one of the last places you'll find fans showing displays of decency and decorum.

What do you think? Should your school's cheerlearders be forced to wear more clothing? Is it fair for the school to be forcing these cheerleaders to get new uniforms?

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they should be wearing LESS, not more!

appropriate for a dance team but these are cheerleaders (and the argument it's like an nfl cheerleaders outfit doesn't fly b/c those are dance teams called cheerleaders to appease the men)

It's kinda hard to think right now!

Some of the girls were reported to be unhappy with the "skimpy" uniforms. This may be a change for the best.

Kevin Replies: Well, that certainly changes things. If it was the cheerleaders who didn't feel comfortable wearing the uniforms I wonder how the media missed that detail ... have you seen any articles that state this?

I'm not sure what's more shocking. That the PC police are worrying about the length of skirts on cheerleaders or that there are this many good looking women in Moscow, ID!

Ironic because this is coming from Idaho, the most conservative state in the union. It's the religious right battling sexism/patriarchy for control.
I say go whole hog and call them prostitutes instead of cheerleaders:

This post made me remember that I forgot to watch "Heroes" last night. Also, who is your favorite cheerleader, Kev?

Kevin Replies: Favorite cheerleader of all-time? Why, any cheerleader who cheers for the ol' black and gold of the University of Missouri, of course!

FOXNews, the International Herald Tribune, and The International Business Times all mentioned that some of the cheerleaders weren't happy with the uniforms.

From the FOXNews & International Herald Tribune articles:

"The previous uniforms didn't flatter every member of the team, and some girls said their outfits were uncomfortable, Robson [an adviser to the spirit squad and a fundraiser for the athletics department] said.",2933,426270,00.html

LaurenF, you need to relax... Maybe go for a spin in your Volvo wth your womyn friends, get a new pair of Birkenstocks, braid your armpit hair.

These women VOLUNTEER to do this... we get it, you don't like scantly clad young womEn dancing for MALE attention. But to call it a "sexism/patriarchy" clearly ignores the fact that these women ENJOY this activity and clearly means that you refuse to allow these women to make choices for themselves.

The women didn't like the outfits, so they are changing them. To call them prostitutes just shows your bigotry, bias and ignorance.

I have seen HS wear less. My thoughts are if they were going to wear those they should have at least some more "upstairs" to hold them up. My two cents!

Oh stop, I'm offended. I don't like that and they shouldn't be able to wear what I don't like. Go home and take your whiney-assed lil kids with you. You don't need to be out in public. I should not have to tolerate your views being shoved down my throat. Go home and watch Lassie reruns and leave the mans game to the men. Why some of you think YOU are all that matters in this world is beyond my comprehention. If you are offended by the uniforms, DON'T LOOK AT THEM !!!!!!!!!

Speaking of shoving your views down someone's throat.
I always find it interesting when a conservative shares their views and says something is not ok...then you drive by a liberal driving a prius with about 3 bumper stickers shoving their views down YOUR throat.
Kind of amusing.

I guess I should add to that, that even if your kids do see it (I'd be more worried about my husband!! ha ha), its always a good opportunity to talk to them about stuff like that, or exercise your right at don't go to the game. There will always be offensive things in this world. You do the best you can to keep it from inundating your children, but you use the other times to build their character. Boo-ya!

Who are these "fans" that are complaining? What are they fans of? Football or cheerleaders? If these "fans" are offended by what is quite common in the cheer world, then they really aren't fans of cheerleading. In that case, "Shut up and watch the game!" If you're a fan of cheerleading and offended by what is clearly commonplace, then you're not really a fan of modern cheer.
Bottom line:

These are not CHEERLEADERS! These are dancers in dancing uniforms. people need to get it right.

Who are the ones complaining anyway? Probably those with way too much time on their hands. Take a chill pill people. You think this is offensive. Do not turn on your TV. Do not go to the movies. Do not go to a ball game (of any kind). Do not go to Australia with all of those topless beaches.

Grow a spine already and come into the 21st century. The Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" nonsense continues.

Whether they are cheeleaders or dancers, they are entertainers. If the "skimpy" uniforms are pertinent to the value of the entertainment, then they are appropriate unless they violate some social more. I've got news for you, junior high school girls wear less to school! When I was a teenager some of the "old people" of my time found my long hair and style of dress distressing. In those days they didn't go and whine to someone else that they were offended (threatened), but instead just made some rude or inappropriate remark. They got to speak their mind, I got to be a hippie (with a 4.0 GPA) and everyone just got over it. I feel that it is up to the cheer/dance team and their advisor to determine what is appropriate for their uniforms. Look around the Olympics, go to the beach ... some very respectable people are comfortable in very little clothing when it is functional to their event/ activity. If you can't stand to look at those beautiful young women dancing or cheering in their little outfits, I suggest that you have the freedom in the USA to look away. You can also write a letter to the editor of the university newspaper expressing your opinion, but please don't imagine that you speak for me or that your opinion is a fact.

Wow!! I said for years how much I would love to live in Idaho and how georgous the land is and nice the people are. Well, the land is still georgous, and I assume the people are still nice, but maybe a little too close to Provo!

I see highschool cheerleaders wear less. I would hate to be on the swim team up there. I could see the opposing teams come out in sharkskin speedos, and the Vandals in full length Rodney Dangerfield swimsuits.

Whats next? veils? Thank god, the conservative right are stuck in Colorado Springs out here and not telling the rest of the state what they feel comfortable seeing.

I am a student at the University of Idaho. My sister is a dancer on the team. I want to note that this is a joint dance/cheer team. Made up of half dancers and half cheerleaders. All the ladies are beautiful and talented. This uniform thing is absolutely ridiculous and the fact that it made national news... well guess people have nothing better to talk about. Besides look at the pictures people.. all these girls are pretty dan good looking!!

Just a thought, but how is the football team doing...damn 0-2. I agree with Mark (Shocking) these Idaho cheerleaders are hot!

I agree, I can't believe this story made the national news, however, these uniforms are offensive only in that they do not promote cheerleading to the level of respect, dignity and athleticism that it deserves.

I would bet the ones complaining are non-athletic fat women that sit around and eat chips and watch "The View" and are just jealous of the cheerleaders/dancers/whatever and don't have anything better to do than become the moral police and save the world from imploding because these girls look good in their uniforms. I agree totally with a previous poster that pointed out that more than once in the Olympics I found myself asking, "are they really wearing that?" Specifically women's beach volleyball (yeah!). These are the same people that say end the war but want to be safe at night when they put their obese behinds in bed to watch "30 Rock"; you can't have it both ways people! Go Code Pink!

Didn't someone once say, "less is more?"

I am a student at U of I and I was at this game. I've been a pround vandal for 4 years now and about to graduate. I've been to many vandal games and I perosnally think that this story has been blown way out of proportion.

One thing that needs to be clairified: it was the dance team and the cheefleaders combined and was a volunteer performance. A special performance with special outfits. Those were not the redular uniforms. The uniforms were not sanctioned by the university because they were provided by the dance team, who have absolutely no affiliation with vandal athletics... they are like a glorified STUDENT RUN pep squad.

If anything is offensive, its the headline of this article " least during football games." Granted, its funny. I emailed the headline to all my firneds. I'm not offened by it, but I wold just like to let the world know that the dance team/cheeleaders are not a bunch of whores. Well, i'm sure one or two might be a little more "sexually enlightened" than the rest. But don't judge idaho by a headline and one-time use Pleather outfits.

Kevin Replies: Thanks for the heads up! I'll have a little chat with the Sports Pros(e) headline writer.

This is just the type of thing that gets oversized soccer moms in an uproar. When you go to the beach, do you bitch about the swimsuits? You see more skin on the tube every night. This is tame. Let girls dance and have fun while they are still gorgeous.

After looking at some of the stunts these girls do, it perplexes me why they would choose these uniforms. Cheerleading is an intense sport and you can't do proper stunting in those uniforms. If you tried to stunt in uniforms that are "NFL Style", you would end up revealing A LOT more of yourself than would be appropriate. Cheerleaders are athletes and if we want to be treated as such, we need to portray ourselves in an appropriate fashion. I understand the need for cute and stylish uniforms. However, the NFL "cheerleaders" aren't real cheerleaders and therefore they can afford to wear uniforms that reveal a lot more. They don't stunt and they don't tumble. They're dancers. If you look at REAL cheerleaders, their uniforms are much more useful for typical cheerleader activities. Even All-Star cheerleaders, who have typically quite revealing uniforms, have uniforms that are fitted and good for stunting and tumbling. these girls are smart and talented and if they want to get treated like real cheerleaders, they need to look like them. I applaud their decision to go back to regular uniforms.

the girls look hot to me , oh yeah i am a univerity of tennessee fan our season is not going so well it would bbe nice to have something like to to look at !!! the girls have so why not flaunt geez guys they are college age remember back then you old f__ts

it is noone's business what those girls wear aside 3 groups of people:

o) the girls themselves
o) their parents, if they feel to interfere because of whatever reason
o) the school authorities

any fan, any spectator, any member of the media may comment on it, but should not, in no way at all, try to manipulate other peoples decisions (about private topics).

get a grip!

I think the girls look very good ! Good greif has anyone looked around campuses lately? My granddaughter is one of the cheerleaders and I think she looks very appropriate for a college cheer leader.... who are the stuffed shirts that think they are not classy?

Okay, first of all to whoever wrote the captions under the pictures, its UI, NOT Idaho U. (Wtf?) Also, the uniforms aren't THAT bad. But at the same time, we don't have a lot"physically fit" girls on the squad? So we should either get some more attractive and thinnner cheerleaders, or they should get uniforms that flatter everyone (if that's possible).

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