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Tony Stewart loves doughnuts, racing, fighting and women

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tony.JPGYou're probably wondering what Tony Stewart is really like. Sure, you see him turning left repeatedly and throwing hands in pit road, but what about the man underneath the orange jumpsuit?

It turns out he's quite the character. One might go so far as to describe him as a modern-day Babe Ruth.
A profile of Stewart in this week's Rolling Stone provides plenty of fodder for witty internet commentators. It's chock full of stories about the NASCAR star eating doughnuts, getting in fights and, of course, carousing.

"The only thing Stewart enjoys more than a race car and a fight, it seems, is women. Over the course of a race weekend, he's approached by dozens of them, each more long-legged, doe-eyed and blond than the last. Inside the NASCAR bubble, these gals are called "pit lizards," and they prowl the inner sanctum at tracks throughout the year.

"My parents are afraid my (crude term for a reproductive organ) is gonna rot off," Stewart says.

Roquemore, the Home Depot girl, was a fixture for a season, until Stewart realized she wasn't the one. "Oh, we had to fire her," he says.

At a late-night fuel stop during the flight to the Phoenix race, he meets two girls, who look to be in their early 20s, working the front desk at the airport lounge in Salina, Kansas.

"Take us with you, Tony?" one of them says as he grabs a chocolate-chip cookie from a tray on the counter.

"Depends," he says, taking a bite. "You gals 18 yet?"

"Why you want to know that?" one girl asks.

"Well, we ain't just flying up there, darling," he says, winking at me. "We'll be taking pictures and hanging out and all sorts of stuff."

"Aww, Tony," singsong the girls.

Wow. Tony Stewart, ladies and gentlemen.

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