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Tony Kornheiser doesn't speak Spanish well, apologizes for comment during Monday Night Football

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Last night's football game between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles gets a solid "two thumbs up" from this guy.

It had 78 combined points, a healthy amount of Terrell Owens and an extremely funny moment courtesy of DeSean Jackson. But one thing that struck me as strange was the on-air apology from the joke-y Tony Kornheiser.

The comment in question happened when the guys at ESPN cut to the Spanish language feed of former Arkansas Razorback Felix Jones' kickoff return for a touchdown.

Here's what Kornheiser said: "I took high school Spanish and that either means 'nobody is going to touch him' or 'could you pick up my dry cleaning in the morning."

And here's the subsequent apology: "I said something before I shouldn't have said, I apologize for it. Not my first mistake, undoubtedly won't be my last, but a 100% apology."

Normally, I'm pretty sensitive to what could be construed as offensive. And generally I err on the side of caution, thinking that there's little to be gained by bringing race or language into a joke. But in this case, I don't think Kornheiser meant to be demeaning or intentionally insult anyone.

On the other hand, we live in a hyper-sensitive world and a major network would be irresponsible to risk receiving bad press over something like this.

Do you think Kornheiser had anything to apologize for? Has the pressure to be 100% politically correct at all times detracted from commentators ability to say what the average fan is thinking? Did you even notice this exchange, or were you too wrapped up in the game on the field?

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Personally I thought it was hilarious! There is absolutely nothing for which to apologize.

I would like for someone to explain how "Could you pick up my dry-cleaning in the morning" is not an offensive remark? It is not only offensive but of poor taste and I highly question Mr. Kornheiser's judgment in his choice of words. This act of immaturity and disrespect should be treated with the utmost urgency and punishment.

William Almendariz, JD.

Kyle responds: What would be an appropriate punishment, William?

Tony K is a horrible MNF commentator. Most of his comments are ridiclious and not funny. He only apologized because he was forced to. I am tired of him trying to make a deperate and week comparison of Terrell Owens to Mcnabb. Please take him off MNF and keep him in PTI.

Kyle responds: Jessica, why haven't you returned my calls?

He made a joke about his own ineptness with regard to speaking a second language......why on earth would this require an apology?? I thought the comment was funny. We are becoming a bit too "sensitive" these days...time to lighten up some.

Sorry, my wife is Latino and we just don't see anything remotely offensive here or warranting an apology. Mr. Almendariz must have been the only one who complained. As a long-time PTI viewer, I can vouch that Tony says a lot of silly things for no apparent reason and I would put this remark in that class.

Bad joke but he apologized, no punishment necessary.

Poking fun at Kornheiser:

Could someone explain how "Could you pick up my dry-cleaning in the morning" IS offensive? Give me a break. The comment was neither derogatory nor racist. No apology needed and shame on society for taking every harmless comment everyone makes and turning it into something bad.

Honestly, I thought Tony was apologizing for his ridiculous comment about how the Cowboys are the biggest thing in American sports. He was in the heat of the moment and went on a rant about how they are more popular than the Yankees, for example. Last time I checked Tony was from Long Island. He's not really doing a good job of representing New York. Now that I found out that the apology was for an insensitive racial remark, I'm back to thinking Tony doesn't think before he talks, but I guess we already knew that. He's also awful on MNF; it's almost hard to listen to him.

Why the hell does everyone take things so personal. It was a funny comment and that was all. If you get that offended over nothing I honestly don't see how you could make it through each day...

He should apologize for being a terrible commentator

Kornheiser's comment didn't refer to an existing stereotype (there is no stereotype claiming that Latinos excessively have other people pick up their dry-cleaning for them) and is not offensive. Kornheiser's not asking someone to pick up HIS dry-cleaning, he's asking if the Spanish-speaker wants someone to pick up his dry-cleaning. Sorry, not offensive.

Tony was busting on himself--and his inability to speak Spanish. Nothing offensive, no need to apologize.

Absolutely too hyper-sensitive a society.

Tony K was not making a comment to anyone. He was jokingly paraphrasing what the Spanish-speaking announcer himself may have been saying. In that sense, the announcer may have been asking Tony to pick up his dry cleaning in the morning. The only ones who should be offended are Tony's Spanish teacher and people who like funny jokes. On the other hand, his intentionally sympathetic comments about Andy Reid's family were unnecessarily detailed.

I didn't know what he was apologizing for until I saw this article. And anyway I found most of what he said objectionable. ESPN/ABC need to realize there is no need for Tony K to be in the booth. No need for a columnist trying to be an announcer and ending up as a pitch man for Jerry Jones and the "star power" he refused to shut up about. I hope they go back to just a play by play man and analyst in the booth- I remember how controversial Howard Cosell was and Tony K is no Howard Cosell.

Kyle responds: I disagree. I like his musings because they provide a little break from the X's and O's Jaworski talks and the play-by-play of Tirico. Kornheiser is there to keep the common viewer's interest.

Not offensive. I live in Texas and there are hardly any Latino persons that work in dry cleaners down here. If he wouldve said something about landscaping, etc... that would be another thing, but this comment was not offensive at all IMO.

I do not really care for Kornduster in the MNF booth - (I think Merill Hoge would be fantastic)!
However, I do not see anything wrong at all with the comment he made. It was not offensive, but could be twisted as such by anyone with the inclination to do so. To those I ask, "How do you expect to get through life in this tough world that we live in, with its every-day stuggles and challenges that make or break us, if you are so completely hyper-sensitive to something as 'Korny' and trivial as an off-handed stab at humor by the announcer OF A GAME?!?!?" And for those, I'll also answer... You won't. You'll spend so much of your time looking for your oppressor and screaming "FOUL" at any and every perceived offense that the years will waste behind you like baseballs beneath Buckner. If you look for slights, you'll find them for sure. There is not one of us who couldn't. But it's an easy habit to fall into. It's much easier to look around you for reasons to complain than to look in the mirror for reasons thrive. Our gift is time -- we need to do something with it. See the incredible world through the big picture window instead of wasting the day blindly wiping at the smallest of smudges.

Most of us were born with a full grab-bag of human qualities, humor being one of them. We live in a country that allows us (or used to) the freedom to display and enjoy them. We are also sometimes caught disagreeing with or being offended by others. Fine, we'll pick our fights as they come. But let's not stifle our precious freedoms for "political correctness", which is a single feather on the scale against the weight of our freedoms. Let's not let the occasional spark lead us to snuff out the fire so that we might all freeze to death together.
Bigotry and predudice are two of the ugliest things in that grab-bag and need to be ousted like the cancer that they are. They are not, though, what we saw from Tony last evening. Why put a sheep in wolf's clothing? Light rain is no cause to run for fear of a storm. If anything, what we heard from Tony last night was nothing more than a drop.

The only thing he should be apologizing for is being a horrible announcer. I don't think the comment was offensive. Kornheiser is annoying to listen to and makes me want to turn off MNF - which I would have last night had it not been an awesome game.

I assumed he was apologizing for dropping the F-BOMB on a live broadcast, which he did right towards the end of the second quarter. Did anyone else hear this? Am I crazy? After McNabb made a scramble, the game went to commercial, and when it came back, Tony commented about McNabb's scramble: "It looks like he's just (expletive) running around out there." He caught himself, and even made a nervous laugh. I had to rewind three times because I couldn't believe it!

Kornheiser is the worst color commentator I have ever heard. Terrible analysis, consistently retarded statements, no knowledge of the game - the list goes on and on. How he got on MNF only God knows. I'd rather listen to John Madden than that idiot. And I'm really NOT a fan of Madden either. Was his "dry-cleaning" comment offensive? Perhaps, but does it matter in the sense of Kornheiser's career? Hopefully - maybe it will make his exit from MNF quicker.

Kyle responds: You do know you just said a word that would have gotten you immediately fired if you were Tony, right? I think it's remarkable how little slack people give these guys who have to fill three hours of time and be engaging while tip-toeing around everything and remaining objective.


Kornheiser really is a horrible announcer. His comment was not that offensive, just disrespectful. The guy is probably not a racist... but his comment could be perceived as many things... Maybe he is a racist, maybe he has Mexicans working for him who pick up his dry cleaning... bottom line, it is not right for someone on national television to make fun of or disrespect people. Hopefully he learns from this... Hopefully all of you who think this is ok learns from this.

Did not bother me about the commet, but did not like the commets about coach Reids. Replace them all,want watch anymore go back to only my college games. Where's Madden?

-Not offended! -Nor amused. He's a dope that can't speak Spanish. Good thing! Then I might be forced to listen to him in two languages.

Can you say MENSO, Mr. Korny?

Kyle - Can you honestly tell me you enjoy Kornheiser in the booth? I can say things like "retarded" because I'm not on national television with millions of people watching me. Do I think Kornheiser should be punished or reprimanded. No, not really. The comment, at least to me, wasn't offensive. I'll admit, I'm using his "slip-up" to vent but honestly - as you can from most the comments here, no one likes Kornheiser in the booth. His eccentric candor worked on PTI because it's a show with two guys who are supposed to argue and debate their POV's. When you are in the booth you are supposed to be objective - I don't think it's to much to ask...there's a lot of broadcast teams that do a fine job of it. I know it's life and people have favorites and biases, who doesn't. But to be so obviously favored one way or another, gushing over the cowboys and Jerry Jones, stating that they have overtaken the Yankee's in overall popularity and myth... - the guy is just way too over the top for MNF. Let's hear about what's going down on the field; and stuff that directly relates to it - not 3 minute rants about topics no one really cares to hear his opinion on.

I counted 3-4 times last night where an exciting play on the field happened and Kornheiser said something like "We'll getting back to what I was saying"..

Kyle responds: You make some good points, Scott. What I'm suggesting is that ABC's plan is to have him up there to be the voice of the guy who is sitting at home. It might be a stretch, but I think the wanderings of his mind are what they are paying him to give.

It's debatable if those have any place in the broadcast. Judging from his approval rating here today, most people aren't loving it.

To me, I like a little debate and loosely-related tangents in my viewing. But obviously there's a good group here who doesn't agree with me.

At the end of the day, I find it hard to believe that a huge sect of people aren't watching MNF just because they don't like the announcing.

How can one person asking another, in any language, to pick up their dry cleaning be offensive as a simple request. But be careful Tony, had you made this comment after a replay of the ever popular Chinese broadcast you would be looking for work today!

YouTube: "We're sorry, this video is no longer available"!

I can't believe it...
Also - LOL, Mike... Funny observation.

I think you got the quote wrong - didn't he say "I'll pick up my dry cleaning...", not "You can pick up my dry cleaning" - slightly less offensive, if offensive at all. Am I right?

Kyle responds: After reviewing the play, the ruling on the field stands.

Kornheiser is just aware of his predecessors' miscues (Howard Cosell, Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder)

if anyone wants to pick up my dry cleaning, that'd be great. you don't even have to speak spanish (cause that would be racist).

Your right, my bad. Should have listened to it on your webpage.

I was wondering what Kornheiser's apology was all about. As usual, it's the person doing stupid comic-relief that gets himself in trouble. I don't understand why these idiots get hired for MNF...first Dennis Miller, now this stupid columnist, who half the time, makes no sense. Bring back the old MNF crew! These guys have no business doing commentary for football.

If anything, his comment was racist against whites...what, caucasians aren't capable of speaking Spanish? Seriously, I was more offended like many others by his stupid comments comparing the Yankees and Cowboy franchises. Next time that Tony is in a public place, he should note now many people are wearing Yankee caps vs. Cowboy apparel. He should be punished severely - say, attending a game at Fenway in Yankee apparel!

Korneiser's better on PTI than in MNF. However I saw nothing insulting in his remark. Much ado about nothing...

Those individuals who believe that Tony's comment was racist, offensive, or derogatory of any Spanish-speaking person are clearly ill-informed with respect to the workings of the English language. What Tony did was attempt (albeit a poor attempt) to provide a humorous (though not funny) and intentionally incorrect translation of what the Spanish-speaking announcer said in Spanish. Thus, the words spoken by Tony in his "translation" were the words purportedly spoken by the other announcer. In other words, by Tony's "translation," it was the Spanish-speaking announcer asking for someone to pick up his dry cleaning.

Maybe I am completely oblivious to current stereotypes, but I am completely unaware of any stereotype or prejudicial belief that Spanish-speaking persons require someone to pick up their dry cleaning for them. Do they? Do any of them? Couldn't anyone say that? If Tony made the comment as a part of a mock voiceover of an inaudible conversation between two English-speaking individuals, would anyone be complaining or arguing that the comment was offensive? I don't believe anyone would, so what changes when the Spanish language is involved?

Even if we are to read into what Tony said, I think the conclusion is that the comment was completely lacking offensiveness. For those people who are attempting to over-analyze the comment to twist it into a controversy, consider this: Most people who require dry cleaning are in occupations that require a specific uniform or business attire. I know that before I was in the "working world" I very rarely needed my clothing dry cleaned. With that in mind, doesn't the comment simply imply that the Spanish-speaking announcer is gainfully employed, and that he is busy enough or important/powerful enough to contemplate someone else picking up his dry-cleaning?

I still have not seen or heard anyone explain how the comment was remotely offensive. Someone please inform me. Otherwise, take a step back and relax.

Jim M., JD

Yes, someone please explain how "Could you pick up my dry-cleaning in the morning?" can be offensive. This "PC" initiative has gone way too far in the U.S. I mean, I wouldn't mind being told by a male boss that I looked nice if I took the time to dress up for a special after-work dinner with my husband. Yet some uber-sensitive women took the time and made the effort to ensure that corporate American find this inappropriate. I must admit, I admire their perseverence and passion, but I wish they'd put their lobbying to better causes like, oh I don't know, world hunger? But I digress... is asking someone to pick up the dry-cleaning that offensive?? Would it have been better to ask "Please pick up my prescirption headache pills in the morning?" ?

Here we go; my diatribe might help edify y'all about that "Latino thing". I'll qualify my remarks first.
I'm a second generation Mexican-American, son to a U.S GI. who served in the WWII North African theatre, grew up and still reside in San Diego, went to and played football for the same high school as Marcus Allen and Terell Davis, graduated from the University of California and love all football from Pop Warner to NFL. Being this close to the US-Mexico border creates more than just casual awareness of the relationship between the 2 countries and cultures, let alone how the nation perceives Latinos. Like it or not, I'm at ground zero for all things immigration, Minuteman, NAFTA, all of it.

It's no secret among Latinos in this country or elsewhere, that there's an undercurrent of distrust, doubt, or in the worst case, just plain dislike for us. The sense is that upon contact or perception we've already been categorized as to the legitamicy of existence- I've had to prove that I'm not the 'tall, Latino suspect' being sought or that I'm an American citizen, far too many times to law enforcement in my 54 years.

BTW, the reason people, perhaps more particularly Latinos, take exception to remarks and jokes based on Latino culture [including the Spanish language] is because at some point in time we hope it not to be referenced at all, just as we would hope to not be 'profiled' in public for law enforcement detainment, or maginalized as just pedestrian, minumum wage side effects of U.S. business. Yeah, we're proud of our culture and for a lot of us, that's all we have when we're just perceived as cheap labor- ask the Irish about that. But we won't give up- ask Sam Houston about that. That was then and this is now.

Many non-Latino American citizens won't like it, but Latino American citizens actually beleive that there may be a time and place where even the most opportunist of our detractors would give it a damn's a football game and if you haven't noticed, we're getting pretty good at it our damn'selves. Hence, the variety of a short break to observe the telecast from ESPN Deportes, but sorry for the inconveneince the network may have caused you by reminding you of yet another way they can make money.

Seriously, the collective hope for many Mexican-Americans [and for that matter any Latino-Americans], is to eventually be perceived as legitamately accepted into main stream America with recognition that we also contribute.

Having stated all of that, I believe Kornheiser is waaaaay out of line attempting humor at the expense of a language he's openly proven he has no grasp of, or even at the expense of one of his professional counterparts in broadcasting, whom hopefully quipped at Kornheisers follicular defficiency, but not his culture or lack thereof. Oh sure, he was poking fun at himself for an end benefit of being christened the 'Jolly Roger' of MNF, hoping this would bolster or endear him to those members of the audience whose sense of humor has to see Curly or Moe punching or poking for it to be a good sports telecast. How dare you bore us with player or team stats, or worse yet, how much of this is designed or ad-lib on the fly.

MEMO TO: Public Sports Broadcast Personnel.
Please take notice, the network has selected you as being capable of, and in some isolated cases, actually been observed making UNBIASED broadcast suitable reports of the subject sporting event. So, demonstrate a little TACT and DIPLOMACY, if for nothing more than the sake of your own self respect or dignity.

Look, if you have no idea what's being said, ADMIT IT. No one tuned in to see if you can provide an accurate translation of the telecast in another language- Try being a real better yet, try being an HONEST HUMAN BEING and concede that you must add one more thing to the list of thousands that you don't know from a HOLE IN THE GROUND.

Meanwhile an audience of NFL fans are 'weighing' and 'picking' the supplied game commentary with what their own perceptions are of what play or player performance may be- which makes for much higher sport than trying to interpret what the hell you, Kornheiser, are trying to say.
If we wanted cutting humor, or some comic relief we'd be looking for Letterman, Leno, OR, maybe we'd ask the network to bring back Dennis Miller- yeah, I agree, so what does that tell you.
WE CAME TO WATCH FOOTBALL and to weigh the game commenatry against what we saw on the play. -It's part and parcel of watching the televised competition. We have fun commenting, amongst ourselves, at how estute or far off an assessment of a play or player some of the PAID talking heads make, or fail to. NOT WHETHER YOU HAVE COMEDIC ACCUMEN OR CAN OFFER A 'LIGHTER SIDE'.

[ESPN Producer to Kornheiser]: "Tony, here's a new wrinkle: If you don't have anything "constructive" to offer to enlighten the audience about NFL Football, then please just SHUT THE HELL UP! If you think the possibility of offending an entire culture of people exists, SHUT THE HELL Up until you have something of FOOTBALL value to offer the public....the American-Latino audience is large and they came to watch FOOTBALL and not be reminded, for at least three hours, that they are not considered mainstream America by a 'barely hanging on'- middle age, bald and desperate talking head specimen some ESPN exec felt sorry for."

"As for the audiences in Mexico, if for no other reason, show a little respect and try not to stink up the place with that old bottle of 'UGLY American' you occasinally like to wear Tony. We want to include their revenue in our market share, and we don't need you creating any doubt about that."

PS: there are a number of U.S. citizens who are of the opinion that this is an American game intended for an American audience and that the NFL or the networks shouldn't accomodate a Mexican or Latino audience with a Spanish broadcast program.
I advise those same individuals to buy and maintain a controlling interest in the corporate sponsors or media interests that direct the marketing of the NFL, NBA and MLB to Latino nations and networks. Then vote out the Board of Directors who support the international marketing effort and replace them with directors who will keep the U.S. sports market exclusively all U.S.A. Now sit back and watch your portfolio balance slowly diminish, but you'll have your exclusively 'American' experience again, all to yourself.

As a 3rd-generation Mexican-American, I can tell you that Tony's comment was highly offensive. Though, the problem is way beyond Tony. I place the blame on parent company Disney who realizes that "Brown is the New Green." If you are going to create Latino-targeted entertainment, that is fine. It's a great investment. However, it's expensive to gain new customers. On the other hand, any business person knows its more expensive to regain a loyal customer.

I really feel Tony's comment was a genuine Freudian Slip. I'm pretty sure he ignorantly tried to "Hispanicize" the old saying "Take him to the cleaners." All it demonstrated was that Disney needs more work on its quality service control...and maybe take a class in US Latino History 101. I take Tony's comment as a reference of wealthy people (i.e. NFL football players) having Hispanic maids. Comments like these would not matter if they were not somewhat true. And when you are catering your entertainment to a specific audience on its cultural holiday, there's a thin line between celebration and degradation.

Imagine if Antonio Romo heard that!

Has no one stopped to take this comment in context of the broadcast? Tony says about the Spanish speaking announcer "that either means 'nobody is going to touch him' or 'could you pick up my dry cleaning in the morning." So wouldn't that lead you to believe that the Spanish speaking broadcaster is saying "could you pick up my dry cleaning in the morning"? Meaning, the broadcaster is asking someone ELSE to pick up his dry cleaning for him, and that Tony is only making fun of himself for not understanding the language.
If we all jump to the conclusion that Tony is making fun of Hispanics working for dry cleaning companies, doesn't that make US the ignorant ones and not Tony?
Relax people...let the guy habla.

I was so bored and annoyed at Kornheiser at that point that I must've just tuned him out.

I did not feel Kornheiser needed to apologize for his comments. However, I felt the overall performance of the MNF crew spoiled an incredibly outstanding game. Thoughtful and relevant commentary about the events on the field would have been far more entertaining then the drivel we heard throughout the game. Does the average fan really believe that McNabb was motivated, as suggested, to try harder simply because Owens had scored two quick touchdowns? DeSean Jackson flipping the ball backwards before he crossed the goal line was certainly something he will regret. However, the MNF crew immediately talked about how "they had heard" that Jackson was extremely cocky. And you wonder why athletes do not trust the media. Don't trash a person until you know him and have personal knowledge. I'm also not sure how Jackson's apparent level of cockiness had anything to do with him dropping the ball too early. The whole rant about the Cowboys being bigger than Yankees only confirms what I have long suspected. Media types are the lap dogs for what is fashionable and despite the fact that the Cowboys haven't won a Playoff game in a very long time, they are, at the moment, fashionable. I assure you the Cowboys are not the favorite of the nation; they are simply the favorite of the media.

Kyle responds: Are you kidding? DeSean Jackson's high school dive where he didn't make it set the precedent.

I didn't hear him make the comment but I was tuning out as much of the "chatter" that I could. The ESPN commentators really need to be replaced! I know much more about football then they do and most of the time they didn't even make sense. can do better.



He's joking about a translation of what SOMEONE ELSE would be saying. Which would mean the PERSON SPEAKING SPANISH is asking "Could you pick up my dry cleaning in the morning?" Kornheiser isn't asking the Hispanic to pick up his dry cleaning!!! If anything, the Hispanic is asking Tony to pick up his!

If Kornheiser said the Hispanic said "I'LL PICK UP YOUR DRY CLEANING IN THE MORNING" it would've been a crack on them. But it's not. He just filled in the joke with a random sentence. I can't believe nobody is getting that?? If anything Kornheiser is insulting every culture but Hispanics cause the Hispanic would be asking everyone else to pick up his drycleaning in Tony's translation!!!


CORRECTION: The issue is that Tony jokingly assumes that the Spanish announcer is echoing the thoughts of the player scoring the touchdown. No Spanish announcer would ever say something ignorant like that.

There's nothing wrong with joking. But really, comments like these would not matter if they were not somewhat true. And when prestigious organizations like the NFL and Disney are packaging a product to a specific audience on its cultural holiday (promoting, airing Spanish ads, inviting Mexican kid flag football teams, etc.), it's pretty degrading. It serves as a grave reminder of our community's current and historical social and political status in the US...on what was meant to be a "celebration".

You bunch of hypocritical panzies make me sick. Political Correctness is a load of bovine fecal matter. Tony's comment is no more offensive than having the American flag flown upside down and beneath another country's flag or white folks being called "Cracker", "Honkey" etc. There are more serious issues to handle in this country than having to worry about what somebody says. Get out from your mother's wing, quit sucking on the baby bottle and grow a pair...if you can.

Dr. Dan here and I am a mexican-american from Texas living in Indiana now. After hearing Kornheiser's comments, I have to say, I was offended. The truth is we are all immigrants and at this time in American history we have more hispanic immigrants than any other ethnic group. Reality is, when a new group of people come to a new country they usually must start at the bottom. So yes, most immigrants I see are in the kitchens and in the yards performing manual labor. Beleive it or not, those jobs are better than whatever jobs they had previously because it buys them a place to live and food to eat.

It is no wonder typical americans are an embarrassment oversees and around the world, because anyone with half a brain would not publicize that in white america teachers are teaching students how to command hispanics with to do lists in Spanish.

It's a fricking game!!!!!!! To all you offended people take a chill pill .. It's just a game. It seems political correctness had taken a front seat to everything now. It seems to me that anyone one who puts a hyphenated something in front of American, ie mexican, african, italian.... so forth is the problem.. You are just an American or not. If you choose to be a citizen of the US then be an AMREICAN. That's were the problem starts someone places other countries before America.
Lets also look, if that was a mexican announcer doing same thing, we wouldn't have even heard of it happening. Because the man is white and middle aged, he is being made to be something he's probably not.

TS, Cville, IL

"typical americans are an embarrassment"...
Dr. Dan,
In all of these posts, not one person has made a degrading comment toward an ethnic group until you. Too bad Kornheiser didn't have the tact to say something as harmless as "typical mexicans are an embarrassment oversees and around the world"... No, instead he had the AUDACITY to demonstrate that he didn't know a play call from a randomly-picked, common daily chore when spoken in Spanish. And this led you to offend me and hundreds of millions of my TYPICAL fellow countryman? I consider myself typical, so I apologize for being an embarrassment. To which country would you like ME to relocate? If Tony's comments were as inflamatory and racist as yours, I'd be on your side. They weren't and I'm not. You should have your credibility card revoked until you understand the disconnect between your outrage and your own actions. Until then I shake my head in disbelief...

This site is hilarious!
Tony Kornheiser should definitely try out one of these hair cuts instead. lol.

Sounds to me, J. Rivera, like you are reaching to find some way to make this sound inappropriate. And you're failing. Badly. You just typed out about 500 words and all you ended up saying was "Tony Kornheiser is saying rich people look down at hispanics." And then you never actually explained how his comment means that, at all (because it very obviously did not).

If you were offended by Tony's comment, someone needs to come to your house and break one of your bones (or teach you how to speak and understand the English language). Then perhaps you can understand the difference between something worth being offended about and someone making a light-hearted joke whose only victim was the jokester himself (painting himself as the fool for not being an adept Spanish speaker).

The problem with the people responding to this column, and generally in America today, is that no one has any perspective. No one here likes Tony, because the kind of people that do appreciate Tony on MNF do not spend time surfing the internet for Kornheiser or NFL related blogs. What we need is a good recession, and I mean a real recession: businessmen jumping off buildings down town and entire towns worth of blue-collar employees laid off, not this pansy little bust we have going now, or some kind of serious nuclear attack to give you spoiled, sensitive American children some sense of reality. The only problem with the whole nuclear attack thing is that to teach some of you a lesson it has to leave some of you alive. And then you'll be back in the same boat, acting like you're the victim of something that really did not effect you. So I vote for a recession, but if it has to be a nuclear attack I hope that it at least puts me out of your pseudo-misery.

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