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Tell us what you really think, Ozzie Guillen; White Sox manager sounds off steroids, the Cubs and sensitivity training

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ozzieguillen.jpgI'll go out on a limb and guess that nothing Ozzie Guillen can say would surprise you. In an issue of Sporting News that hit newsstands today, he dishes out some strong, expletive-filled opinions.

Again, nothing new. But still entertaining.

"- On steroids: "My wife say every year, 'Look at those players, they take care of themselves better than you do. Every year, they get bigger and stronger. You out of shape through spring training.' She say, 'Why you don't take care of yourself like they do? They no drink, they no do anything.' Now, I get the last laugh. I'm normal, I'm healthy, I'm happy. I no have to deal with that (expletive). I no have to answer anybody's questions. I tell my players, 'You get caught with that (expletive), don't tell me. I'm not gonna (expletive) protect you, I'm gonna throw you under the train.'''

* * * * * *
- On the Cubs: "I got Cubs fans who are friends. I say (expletive) you. The Cubs fans, they're cocky. They've been (expletive) for a lot of years, but they're cocky. They let you know they're No. 1 in town. But I got a lot of friends with the Cubs. Lou Piniella, I love that man. That's my goal-manage that many years. The best thing that happened to (expletive) Chicago is Lou Piniella and Ozzie Guillen in the same (expletive) town. (Expletive) the boring-(expletive) guys every day. Some people have to be politically correct, some people have to be (expletive) up. That's Lou Piniella and Ozzie Guillen."

* * * * * *
- On sensitivity training: "When (Major League Baseball) sent me to the crazy guy-what is that? (Sensitivity training, as ordered by MLB following the incident with Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti.) This guy told me I was crazy, I need anger management. Shut the (expletive) up. You don't know, you don't know my life. You went to (expletive) Harvard, and you're gonna spend time talking to Ozzie Guillen, who got eighth grade? You should feel embarrassed. You know what? How many employees you got in your office? Let's trade (expletive) jobs for a week to see who handle it better. Just because I called one guy that?"

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