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Steve Stone will join Hawk Harrelson for White Sox TV broadcasts

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The White Sox announced today that their 2009 television broadcasts will have a new member.

"Steve Stone will slide from the radio booth over to TV after agreeing to a six-year deal to handle color-analyst duties for television broadcasts beginning in 2009, the Sox said today.
I've long maintained that Stone is one of the premier color analysts out there and that it was a shame that things got awkward with the Cubs.

Does the introduction of the former Cy Young winner excite you? Are you more apt to tune into a Sox broadcast now? And what about the Hawk-Stone dynamic? Will they mesh together?

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Stone is a welcome addition but get rid of Harrelson and his constant whining about the umpires last night (Sept 24). He talks about bad umpires but what about bad announcers like him?

Kyle responds: Big Stone fan.

At least the White Sox booth will finally have someone worth listening to. It's sad that he'll be sharing it with someone as horrible as Harrelson though. Even sadder that he's working for the White Sux.

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