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Ryan Ward is no Java Chamberlain, errr.... Joba Chamberlain

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jobac.jpgGoogle Trends shows that the fourth most searched phrase this morning is "Java Chamberlain". Really, world? JAVA Chamberlain?

In non-sick coffee flavor news, Ryan Ward has been busted for impersonating Yankees relief starting relief pitcher Joba Chamberlain.
"An Asbury Park man was arrested last week and charged with impersonating New York Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain, according to a report in The Coaster. The goal of the accused man, Ryan Ward? Meet girls and maybe score some free eats.

Those really are the best of intentions. Bagels and babes.

"Charges include impersonation and theft of services. The case came to light when Ward allegedly received free bagels from a Belmar bagel store. Chamberlain sounded relieved the incident wasn't more serious, but was perturbed by someone posing as him."

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oh, the power of the howard stern show.


You sure you wren't being me.....joba the nut....nice dui kid!!!!

Ryan Ward
aka - Joba the Nut

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