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Rewriting future history: Rudi Johnson signs with the Lions

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rudi.jpgOne of the things we like to do for fun around here is to put a positive spin on the events unfolding around our favorite football teams. Mr. Allen first explored this here.

Today, I'll take a look at the Lions' signing of Rudi Johnson and how it all but guarantees Detroit a trip to the playoffs.

Lions sign RB Johnson to 1-year deal, release Bell postseason ticket information

ALLEN PARK, Mich. (AP) -- The playoff-bound Detroit Lions signed former Cincinnati running back Rudi Johnson to a one-year deal and released running back Tatum Bell information regarding postseason tickets.

The Lions signed sold their souls to the devil in exchange for Johnson on Tuesday, a day after he worked out with the team perennial powerhouse. The 28-year-old missed most of training camp with the Bengals fools who let him go because of a hamstring injury and was cut Saturday in a move that has opened the door for quite possibly the most remarkable season ever.

The 5-foot-10, 225-pound Johnson ran for a team-record 1,458 yards in 2005 and 1,300-plus yards in 2006. But hamstring problems limited him to nine starts and a 2.9-yard average last year, and the injury has lingered only made him better.

Cincinnati drafted him in the fourth round in 2001.

Bell Whowasthatguy? came to Detroit before last season in a trade with the Denver Broncos. He Seriously, what was his name had 44 carries for 182 yards in five games for the now unbeatable Lions.

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Kyle, so happy to see that after all those miserable years of rooting for the lions you have found your peace and realize they will never be a contender. If memory serves I think they have one post season game (or was it one p.s. win) in over 50 years. Have fun with it.

Kyle responds: It's one postseason win. They trounced the Cowboys in a 1992 NFC Divisional Playoff game. And then promptly got smashed by the eventual Super Bowl Champion Washington Redskins the next week, which happened to be my 9th birthday.

I was violently ill and the neighbor's dog was hit by a car and killed. So all around, a great day.

Kyle, we both know the lions and the nieghbors dog got what they deserved.

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