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Rashad Evans knocks out Chuck Liddell; UFC tries to knock out Web video of the event

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chuck.jpgKyle Orton's not the only one stepping back into the limelight this weekend after some time off. Ultimate Fighting Championship icon Chuck Liddell stepped back into the octagon last night at Atlanta's Phillips Arena to face Rashad Evans.

It wasn't pretty. The 38-year-old Liddell was knocked out 1:51 into the second round with a mighty overhand right to the jaw.
According to the AP article Liddell was down, but may not be out of the sport entirely:

"I'm fine. A guy caught me," Liddell said after the loss. "What you want me to say?" There has been speculation that the 38-year-old would retire, but Liddell wouldn't discuss it. "I'll decide in the gym whether or not to retire. Not after a fight," he said.

Meanwhile, UFC has been scrambling to pull video from various Web sites, but it's apparently a tough assignment. The moment one is taken down, another pops up.

Check out the YouTube video here:

Another video here:

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