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Please rate: Warren Sapp on "Dancing With the Stars"

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Warren Sapp made his debut on "Dancing With the Stars" last night, doing the cha-cha with Kym Johnson. We'd totally do the cha-cha with Kym Johnson.

According to those in the know, Sapp's performance was somewhat impressive.

""Big boys can dance," exclaimed excitable judge Bruno Tonioli after the performance by Sapp, who stepped confidently around partner Kym Johnson to the strains of Stevie Wonder's hit Do I Do. "You showed us all."
The Palm Beach Post's Kevin Thompson says Sapp has a chance this season if he can stop staring.

"The big fella is pretty light on his feet, isn't he? NFL players have done really well on the show. While Sapp is no Jason Taylor or Emmitt Smith, he has a nice bounce in his step. If he can keep his eyes off his cutie-pie partner long enough, the one-time defensive tackle should stay in the game for several weeks.
Since both Kevin and I dance like Elaine Benes, we need you to tell us if ol' No. 99 was impressive, unimpressive or neither.

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I, of course, watched every minute of last night's premiere and thought he did alright. Not as good as 82 year old Cloris Leachman but pretty good! Let's just say he handled criticism a lot better than she did. I give him about 5 weeks before he is out of the competition......BTW, I think you dance better than Elaine. I've seen your "walk away moves" and they are pretty impressive but I'm biased.

Kyle responds: Yeah, I was just trying to be humble. Kev and I are both phenomenal dancers.

I was very impressed with Warren's dancing both nights! Very light on his feet and he's determined, learns fast and very impressionable!

Great job Warren! Keep up the good work. I personally look forward to watching you for many more weeks.


I think Warren is good! I just hope his Diva behavior doesnt get him booted! The old lady needs to go tonight!

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