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Plaxico Burress suspended 2 weeks by New York Giants; Agent Drew Rosenhaus and Burress file grievance

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Plaxico Burress was suspended by the Giants for two weeks for violating team rules.

Burrress' agent Drew Rosenhaus appeared on "SportsCenter" moments ago to talk about the punishment.

"Obviously he was not at work and he was attending to a family matter," Rosenhaus said.
 "That's really all that I can say about that because it's private and has to do with he and his family.

No doubt there was an infraction -- we accept that -- but we don't except the penalty for the infraction. Plaxico and I believe it is too strong."

Rosenhaus said that Burress was not accepting the punishment without a fight.

"We are in the process of appealing this. Were hoping to have a hearing with an arbitrator to get Plaxico reinstated, certainly in time for the Seahawks game."

Rosenhaus confirmed he was filing a grievance to the league.

"We were hoping we could work something out which would have a lesser ramification on Plaxico and the team. He's very dejected about it. He wants to be there for his teammates, for his coaches for the organization. He regrets what happened on Monday, but he has done an awful lot for this organization and he doesn't feel it's appropriate for him to miss a game."

Rosenhaus said he hopes the appeal is heard as soon as possible.

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Plaxico has continually taken liberties and acting like a primadona.
How could a team be a contender in any sport if the rest of the players took the same attitude that Plaxico takes?

Kyle responds: If everyone on the team was as skilled as Plax at their position, they'd win the Super Bowl regardless of attitude. Like it or not, there are different rules for superstars in sports....but Coughlin is the rare coach that won't bend the rules for the top players.

But, the reason the Giants were in the SuperBowl last year had everything to do with Coughlin and nothing to do with Burriss.... because Coughlin realizes that discipline is the cornerstone of winning... not skill...

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