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Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson celebrates a touchdown too early, will be mentioned at your water cooler tomorrow morning

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DeSean Jackson, author of this amazing punt return, had a bit of a brain lapse in Monday night's game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Jackson discarded the ball before he crossed the goal line on what was initially ruled a 61-yard touchdown. After a Cowboys' challenge and some incriminating evidence, the Eagles retained possession on the 1-yard line.

Brian Westbrook ran it in on the next play, so in the big picture this brain cramp won't have an impact on the final outcome. But Jackson should get used to seeing the clip for the rest of his career. If he has any questions, I'm sure Leon Lett could help him out.

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Haha, I was there when DeSean did the flip at the U.S Army Bowl in 2005. My cousin started that game, by the way. DeSean got his behind chewed by Coach Boone, the actual coach from the Movie "Remember The Titans." The kid is too cocky and doesn't have the best personality out there.

Big Time IDIOT, Not a good Look!

hey, good rule of thumb. drop the ball when you get near the goal post. be a strong, silent, quiet type, celebrate at home.

Man - that was brutal. I'm an eagles fan and I really think Jackson can make an impact this year and has a ton of potential god. That was awful. No excuse whatsoever for something like that. If I were Reid I would have sat him for a series or two. But then again - the eagles didn't exactly have anyone who could pick up his slack that game anyway...

Kyle responds: Yeah, he really dropped the ball on that one.

After that fiasco, his name should be spelled...DuhSean Jackson!

Kyle responds: Perhaps it's because I've been at work too long, but I find that oddly humorous.

I didn't see the game. Can anyone explain why Dallas didn't end up with the ball? In the video posted (thanks for that, by the way) it appears that a Cowboy had seen what happened and was dashing to cover the fumble, but the video ends at that point. Did he fall on the ball?

Kyle responds: The Cowboys never pounced on the ball because the back judge signaled a touchdown.

I'm a Cowboy Fan, but I'm more of a fan of humility, common sense and professionalism on and off the field. I know that T.O. does not represent this mantra, but at least he waits until he crosses the goal line before going into his antics. I agree that DUHSEAN should have been forced to sit a few plays or that he should have had his facemask grabbed by Andy Reid and been berated on national television in front of 18 million fans for that boneheaded play!!! Because of his shenanigans, Brian Westbrook had to plunge into the end zone to score and landed on his back, slightly injuring himself. If you noticed, the trainers were stretching his back out and massaging him while the Cowboys had the ball. I know how brutal the Philadelphia fans and media can be; I hope they never let him forget that play!

Thats crazy! he must have felt sick in his gut. It looks like he just thought he was in the endzone more than showing off.Just my take on it. Good thing the Eagles scored WOW! it could have been really UGLY!

love DJ> I don't care that he is extra cocky he learned from his mistake and for that I like him even more. I can't wait to meet him he is soooooo sexy!!!

was he stoned?

desean is a good football player.he my be little but he put in a lot of work last season so give him some credit an d all u haters out there stop hatin

Bunch of haters! He is a really good player and I don't find him to be that cocky at least not like agree with Brit give the man some credit, he's probably the eagles last hope to actually wining anything.

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