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Orlando Cabrera says some things, Joe Cowley responds to them

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oc.jpgPretty intense piece from Sun-Times Twitter King and White Sox beat writer Joe Cowley today taking Orlando Cabrera to task for calling out his teammates.

"Give Orlando Cabrera credit: Between hands of Texas Hold 'Em, playing dominoes and mastering the art of the five-minute change, shower and dash after games, the White Sox shortstop has found time to set the stage for his exit from the South Side.

An exit in which he undoubtedly will point the finger at the organization months from now, insisting, ''They were the problem, not me.''

Cowley details comments made by Cabrera on the ''Boers & Bernstein'' on WSCR-AM (670).

"Then there was this little gem on the clubhouse antics: ''There are guys that want to be clowns or want to be funny or want to be this, but what I don't like is there's a time for that and a time to get serious in a ballgame, and I don't see that. ... You can have fun, but at the same time, you have to take care of business.''

That apparently includes calling up to the press box to have your errors overturned onto your teammates -- whom, coincidentally, you have taken no time to know.

The White Sox hold a 1/2 game lead in the AL Central and play the Minnesota Twins tonight. Probably a big game.

A Sun-Times poll reveals readers aren't so confident Ozzie & Co. will reach the playoffs:

Will the Sox make the playoffs?


33%    106 votes

66%    208 votes
Total Votes: 314

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