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New York Knicks re-sign Allan Houston. That ought to fix everything

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allanhouston.jpgYup, that's a real headline. The New York Knicks have re-signed sweet-shooting guard Allan Houston.

Look, he has a ruled named after him.

"Houston, 37, earned just as much fame toward the end of his career for the knee problems and long-term contract that caused to NBA to name a rule after him.

As the face of the franchise at the time, Houston was signed to a six-year, $100 million contract in August 2001. He was still owed nearly $40 million through 2007, including $19.125 million for the 2005-06 season when he called it quits.

As part of the new collective bargaining agreement in the summer of 2005, teams were allowed to waive one player whose salary would not count against luxury tax computations. It was called the "Amnesty Rule" but became known as the "Allan Houston Rule."

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this is great news to see my favorite player back....yeahhhhhhhh!!!!
14 - new number, new beginning

The Knicks just keep on doing stupid s**t this is the reason they can't win. Allan Houston was good about ten years ago when he was with Detroit and when he went to NY he sucked just like every other player that has gone to the Knicks from a different team. The Knicks just do not have any luck they keep signing players who used to be good. The management obviously hasn't got the point after all these years that something is wrong here. The best thing they have done so far is hire mike d antonio. im not even a Knicks fan but wish them luck. i wouldn't be surprised if they try and bring back John Starks with the way they sign players somebody in the office has to open their eyes its just not workin

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