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Miami vs. Florida: Gators drop 'Canes 26-3. It was only slightly closer than the score would indicate.

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Fourth quarter begins with a Percy Harvin touchdown off an option. It just reminds us how much we truly love running the option in football video games.

Miami, entirely anemic on offense, then promptly gives up. Herbstreit questions Miami's conditioning and maturity level.

Tebow gets back to Superman form with a touchdown toss to Louis "We're The U" Murphy. Musberger reminds us all that "A lot can happen in nine minutes," but we know he's sort of lying.

Musberger then reminds us that no one can call "fumble!" quite like Brent Musberger with a bit of upward inflection at the crescendo. Unfortunately for the 'Canes, they're unable to recover said fumble.

Herbstreit and Musberger revisit the Washington-BYU situation. "We've seen a lot more things that are worse that have not been called," says Herbstreit. Their chiding is cut short when Tebow throws a deep touchdown to a sticky-handed Louis Murphy. Ironically, it's called back because of a cheeky penalty.

And just when you thought his amazing day was over, look who's back, this time tripping up Brandon James, saving a touchdown on a punt return. "Bosher should be a safety," said Musberger. "This is unbelievable." Matt Bosher: Kicker. Hitter. And one heck of an American.

Gator fans chant "SEC" and this one's in the books. Gators win 26-3.

During the post-game interview, Tebow's tractor beam eye contact with Erin Andrews is interrupted for only a moment -- long enough for him to pat a 'Cane on the shoulder to say "Good job, man." Tebow: class act.

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