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Matt Millen fired; Lions president and CEO ouster welcomed by fans

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Matt Millen is shown here in 2002 with first-round draft pick Joey Harrington. (AP Photo)

Matt Millen has been fired as the Detroit Lions president and CEO, according to Jay Glazer of

This should come as welcome news to my Sports Pros(e) counterpart, Kyle Koster. A Michigan native and Lions fan, Kyle recently shared his thoughts about Millen.

He refused to give a Lions-related story a clever headline here.

Even Sports Pros(e) contributor Bruce Koster even weighed in on the Lions' ineptitude here.

Kyle will surely offer his own analysis on this blog later today.

Elsewhere, Roy Williams told the Detroit Free Press it's not Millen's fault. ESPN's Kevin Seifert has already published his analysis, stressing the importance of finding the right replacement for Millen.

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Missed a button there, Mr. Millen

The sleazy dude on the left in your picture has pulled the classic " fanny-mae-play" on the detroit lions.

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