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Local dog can snap a football, would probably eat a playbook

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(Matthew Grotto/STNG)

Call me lame, but I can't get enough of these animals-doing-things-people-do stories. Whether it's a water-skiing squirrel or a Frisbee-catching dog, you know people are going to automatically joke that the animal can perform this skill just as well as a human professional.

The latest example? Tonka, the football-snapping dog from Tinley Park.
"Could someone warn Olin Kreutz?

Tonka, a 7-year-old Pembroke Corgi from Tinley Park, just might be gaining on the Chicago Bears center.

Tonka can hike a football -- or any ball for that matter -- on demand and, some would argue, with great technique.

Olin Kreutz has made the Pro Bowl six years in a row. That's like 42 straight selections in dog years.

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I'm sorrry but the facial expression on that dog clearly shows that he does not have honorable intentions towards that football...

Kyle responds: I'm reminded of the great Far Side cartoon illustrating the many moods of the Irish Setter while the stupid look on the dog's face remains the same.

Yeah, Gary Larsen is a genius. His representation of brainpower in the Irish Setter is perfect in that cartoon. But perhaps his finest dog cartoon ever involves a truck drver teaching a dog to drive. It's from at least 20 years ago and the caption reads, "so the mutt misses third again thought Carl with smoldering disdain". I wasnt able to find it on the net anywhere but that might be my weak computering skills. If you can find it print it up.

I believe the caption "so the mutt misses third again thought Carl with smoldering disdain" was not a Gary Larson cartoon. It was actually a single panel comic from "The Neighborhood" by Jerry Van Amerongen, sometime in the 1980's. I remember it well, thought it was hilarious, but have not been able to find it since.

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