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Levi Johnston: World, meet the most famous high school hockey player of all time

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amd_levi-hockey.jpgHe's suddenly the most famous high school hockey player of all time.

So dedicated to the sport of hockey is Levi Johnston that he declared on his MySpace page, "I live to play hockey," according to the New York Daily News.

So dedicated to the sport is Levi Johnston that he's willing to play through pain -- a cracked tibia, no less -- to help his team to victory, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Ignoring entirely vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's plea for privacy, the media has jumped all over the opportunity to discover everything it can about Levi Johnston. All that we here at Sports Pros(e) can deduce at this point is that he's the most famous high school hockey player of all time.

Asking the media not to respect privacy in a family matter is kind of like asking the Mongols to plunder everything but the China -- leave the fine China, please?

To which the Mongols reply simply: Smash.

Deadspin delves into it here.

Huffington Post focuses on the 'redneck' thing here. And Max Blumenthal weighs in with the taste-free, aren't-I-a-clever-devil moniker 'Juno from Juneau.'

Our own Carol Marin, however, reminds us that it's really none of our business to begin with here.

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Oh man this is not going well for McCain. I hate that everyone is making this look like an after school special, but it looks like they should have done a little research on Palin.
Funnny video of McCain's veep selection process:

I am a formal Wasilla resident. Sara was the Mayor when I left and moved to Florida. She did a good job for our small town. As Alaska's Gov she has done alot for the state of Alaska.
Now as for Bristal, who was in school with my sons, her pregancy should be off limits. What a private family matter. I am not concerned about the fact she is with child. We need to stay focussed on the matters at hand that effect all American. The war, gas prices, food costs, affordable insurance for families, the states being effected by hurricane Gustav, families losing their homes to housing market. How about that! Why go after a 17 year girl who is dealing with a life changing event in her life.
I feel this is an issue that should be left alone, let the family support thier daughter and prepare for the welcoming of a new great grandchild, grandchild and Bristal's child. This is a thing to celerbrate not knock down.

I am not voting for McCain/Palin ticket, to conservative for my taste. But I don't feel anyone from any party should use this as a smear platform. Stay focused media play fair and run a good race. Stay news worthy!

Plus Levi is a great young man he is surrounded by loving parents. These are very desent folks who are good and loving parents, not only to their own kids but to the kids friends. Stay strong Johnston's family we love you and have your back.

Mellissa Parsons-Wilfong

Kevin Replies: Good point, Mellissa. While the majority of right-thinking Americans want no part of this gossipy story, it's undeniable that on many major news organizations' Web sites, the top story is the Palin drama -- including the Sun-Times site. The adage that sex sells certainly rings true.

I think no one has the right to point the finger at Palin's daughter. Who has not had problems in their family, i.e. teenage pregnance, drugs, and who knows what else. They need to look at the fact that they are a normal family that has normal family problems. It will not make a difference in how I feel about her.

Levi Johnston is the new Straight Talk Express.

"I don't want kids".

Pretty hard to spin that but I'm sure GOP will find a way.

With a future Mother-In-Law a lifetime NRA member, I see shotgun wedding in the horizon.

I agree, Mellissa, that no one should be subjected to this. But didn't the Right Wing have fun dragging Obama through the mud? I do not agree that one mudsling deserves another, but you have to realize that the media is not going to back down. Sadly, America is in turmoil, yet nothing is bigger in political news than gossip. Sad!

Obama can't open this door on family. I'd like to know more about his mother. She mus have been something else. How about his brother living on 1.00 a month.


Kevin Replies: Is this really relevant? I'm uncertain ... Kyle? Thoughts?

Please, no hablar acerca de Obama, este pais esta viviendo un fuerte
conflicto que solo Obama lo puede solusionar. Estar embarazado a los
17 years deja mucho que decir de la familia y los valores internos
de la misma.

Kevin Replies: For those of you readers who may not habla, I'll translate: The authors of Sports Pros(e) are two of the more cunning individuals I have met ... more cunning, in fact than Obama (why thank you!). You should focus the brilliant prose of your blog on politics, and not sports (we've considered that). I can list 17 reasons why you both are certifiable geniuses (again ... thank you).

Ummm . . . I dunno, but I'm thinking Sidney Crosby might be "the most famous high school hockey player of all time," even if he only played for a year in the U.S.

Kevin Replies: Good point ... 183,000 plays on YouTube and counting: If only there were some quality footage of Mr. Johnston on YouTube ... something for us news folk to cross our fingers and hope for.

It IS about family and character. Sarah Palin chose to put her family in the spotlight. Most shamefully dragging her 4 month old baby through the national political landscape. Before she did this she should have realized was was at stake for them and the other families they are dragging into this twisted mess. Someone who uses her family's story for political leverage/gain (in lieu of political experience)is opening up Pandora's box. Besides, these people are not your average American's as touted. Wasilla Alaska is NOT something out of a Northern Exposure episode. It is ALL that is unpleasant about our great state (guns, booze, survivalists, fundie churches behind and in front of every tree). And Levi Johnston's quotes from the Myspace page... nothing compared to the photo of him and a friend showing off their guns (the only other place I see photos like that are from Iraq, Sudan and Afganistan). Yes, we are all human and have our faults but... Poaching, DUI, teen pregnancies, endangering an already potentially hazardous pregnancy, Hatfield and MCcoy type feuding with an ex brother-in-law, Etc. OH, and don't worry there is much, much more to come. The really sad thing is that we haven't even heard her talk about issues yet. Just wait. This nomination is a slap in the face to all Americans.

Note to Conservatives/Republicans:

1. Sarah Palin announced the news about her daughter's pregnancy, not Obama.

2. When people don't know anything about this candidate...they are bound to discuss what they do know.

3. It is funny/ironic that she emphasizes teaching only about abstinence to school kids and then her own kid proves that abstinence and school kids don't go well together.

4. McCain/Limbaugh and their ilk had no hesitations making jokes about a teenager named Chelsea Clinton being ugly as a dog because her father was Janet Reno. Republicans seemed to have no problems with that.

5. Republicans who seem so upset by media/liberal interest in the Palin pregnancy actually voted against McCain in 2000 when they thought he had fathered a black child outside of wedlock.

6. When Edwards was running for presidency despite his wife's cancer, everyone talked about how selfish he was not leaving the race. So by the same token, how selfish are Sarah and Todd Palin to want to expose their daughter to national humiliation by accepting this nomination? And how could McCain allow them to do that?

7. When a 43 year old woman in a high-risk fifth pregnancy despite knowing of her soon-to-be born child's having Down's syndrome flies back and forth from Dallas to Anchorage (10-12 hours) after her water has broken, any sensible woman who has been through childbirth is bound to consider that woman completely irresponsible and discuss it. There is no second way about it, Palin showed poor judgement. Again, go back to #2.

8. NO body has a problem with Bristol being pregnant. Lot of people have problems with the fact that she may not have known about contraception (thanks to her mom's attitudes), or that Levi and Bristol were just experimenting with sex and now are being forced into this public marriage just to make Sarah Palin appear saintly in the Republican's eyes.

9. I am the 32 year old mother of a beautiful daughter. But yes, if I had had my baby at 17 I know I would not have had the maturity to appreciate her as much as I do now. At seventeen, a kid (cause that is what you are emotionally at that age) wants to have fun...not be stuck at home with a kid. As Obama rightly said, it would be a punishment - for the new parents and for the grandparents who would have to end up doing most of the actual parenting of the grandchild.

I think the point that everyone who is posting here is missing is that this information is not some sort of exclusive story to this blog, or even to the Sun-Times. This story is absolutely blowing up the internets, and when you run for public office you open up your life to rigorous scrutiny.

Kevin made no value judgment against Palin, or Johnston. When information is already freely accessible, it's almost irresponsible to pretend it doesn't exist.

This should have no bearing on who people vote for and changes nothing in the real world. But politics is so fickle and all about spin, so it will be interesting to see how this affects the court of public opinion.

I'd like to live in a world where people's minds wouldn't be swayed by team allegiances or if their 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. But we don't.

I'll let Sarah Palin have her privacy when she lets me have my own. She wants the media to leave her alone, but she wants to tell me what I can or cannot do with my body? No thanks.

Republicans are simplistic enough to say that the child-rearing, no family values practices of the Palens don't matter, but true Democrats know that they do. Most Democrats have higher standards than that. Get ready for other bombshells from the Palens. Maybe she should resign before her closet is cleaned out entirely. The Palens set a very good example for teenagers, don't they. And, to think, they've got other small ones coming up behind the pregnant girl. McCain, selecting this person wasn't worth trying to get the disgruntled Hillary supporters. It didn't work, anyway. Hillary supporters, like Hillary, are more intellingent than that. And, with this stunt, you may have lost some of your core. I guarantee you that this stunt cost you some independent, undecided voters. Dumb, dumb move. Like Bill Clinton said, there's good experience and there's bad experience.

The Christian social conservatives politicized and publicized the personal long ago! Among other things, Palin wants to change policies and laws that affect our personal choices and behaviors.

The tragedy about the Sarah Palins in our society and government isn't that "We can't control what our children do," it's that they absolutely want to control what my children do.

The lesson that free-thinking humans should take from the Palin morality play is this: It is always the worst offenders who despise us for their failings and mistakes.

People, people, people...blame the MEDIA for all this hype of the 17-year-old unwed, underage daughter with the boyfriend/fiance' who does not want the baby - Not Obama or his campaign. He stated that family is off-limits and is a personal matter whether it's his family OR Palin's. How soon you all forget!
Unfortunately for Palin she opened a can of worms on this one, but this is the price you pay when you run for VP. She should have known the consequences. If not, she does now!
What has McCain done to the party????? Seriously, it is NOT looking good all around with his VP pick when there were clearly so many other qualified people for the job.

Wow, this takes the term Hockey Mom to a whole new level. Nice family values there.

You go sm! Very thorough. (see post by sm on September 2, 2008 2:09 PM)

You go SM I agree with every thing you said. And then some! When Palin decided to be VP she in my opinion has agreed to be put under the microscope, and this includes her family.

Abstinence did not work maybe she should have considered birth control and condemns!!! (My opinion)

I believe in abstinence also but when my then 18 year old daughter told me she wanted to have sex with her then boyfriend whom she dated for 2 years, I made the appointment and took her to the doctor and bought her birth control pills and condoms. She is now married with three children she waited until she was 25 to have her first child and all three were planed. Did I mention how proud of her I am?

And if putting her on the McCann team was to try to win the Clinton votes. Speaking for myself a Clinton die hard. It is not going to work. She does not deserve to buff the shoes that Hillary wears! (again my opinion)

Levi's MySpace page was only taken down on Sept. 1st, the same day it was announced that Bristol was pregnant? Sounds like no one in the McCain camp knew about this ahead of time.

Once the feeding frenzy over Palin's family life is done and people get to see Sarah Palin and her record McCain/Palin will win.
The fact that the woman has more elected experience than Obama will get more press in the coming days. Having an exciting VP to rally your base and to bring some extra votes to boot is brilliant. Amazing how defending the unborn brings out the haters.
Obama's surrogates did bring up the story about Bristol and the media frenzy will only elicit sympathy from the little people that Obama believes just cling to their guns and Bibles.
I would have bet money that the Democrats had a lock on this election but now I believe they are toast. Dumping Hillary was the first mistake and now McCain has exploited it.

I think McCain's pick is going to blow up in his face. It's beginning to look like Sarah Palin's political ambitions got in the way of raising her family.

i love this country. i love it because we have the right to argue over who is deserving of the title of greatest high school hockey player ever. we can also discuss the polemics of presidential campaigns and teen pregnancy. and we can do it all in one deceptively simple yet informative blog. kudos k peez. and god bless amurica. yes, that's with a "u".

All this foofaraw about Willow and Levi and his trash talk on his myspace page, describing himself as an effing redneck (sounds about right) definitely has more to do with Sarah Palin than it does with poor Willow, for whom I feel deep sorrow and compassion, being thrown into this because of her mother's ambition, a mother who it is becoming more and more clear puts that ambition above *really* teaching her children true Christian family values and being there to support them with those values.

How it has to do, is this: why did she allow a 16 or 17 year old daughter to date trailer trash like Johnston? Either she didn't know, or she thought it would be okay, or she didn't have time to care enough. In any case, it goes directly to poor judgement, an excess of ambition, and hypocrisy in her claims to the moral high ground of family values. It's not the first case of hypocrisy we've seen from her (Ted Stevens, bridge to nowhere, raised in Assembly of God, er, I mean non-denominational) and I suspect it won't be the last.

She's just a politician, just like all the rest. Don't be fooled by that wide-eyed innocent look

If Sarah Palin becomes vice president or president,when will she have the time to serve her country and her family? She's going to have to be a negligent wife,mother and grandmother or a negligent vice president or possibly president. If she had any sense or decency she would step aside and allow McCain to choose a qualified Republican woman. That way she could have her publicity and come off smelling like a rose

Hmmm.. It is funny how the media seems to forget that Mr. Obama was a bit of rebel experimental kid(22 yrs old) too. THE MEDIA SHALL ELECT THE GREAT OBAMA. No matter his short comings or history. Remember Obama has executive experiance by running his run for the President with a budget of 12-50 million and 2500 employees. Palin only has a budget of 12 Billion and 28,000 employees. Doesn't her state almost border Russia. No real security issues their.... Foooools!

Simple questions - why can't republicans spell??? Does all that gun toting and spinning deplete their brain cells??

Just like the neocons. Now they want to say that Obama is responsible for what his mother did. That's very different from what Sarah Palin did.....or didn't do in this case....which was to actually talk to her daughter, be there for her, and teach all those morals she wears on her lapel. No one is blaming Bristol, or the baby for that matter, but if the parents had been around, we wouldn't be talking about this today. But then that's a typical neocon....lie...deflect....and then attack.

Correction: he may be the most famous current high school hockey player, or rather of the past few years, but not of all time. However, the most famous high school hockey player ever would have to be Bobby Carpenter, who made the Sports Illustrated cover while still in high school. Carpenter was also the first U.S. high school player drafted directly into the N.H.L. draft.

P.S. Sen. McCain says he knew that Gov. Palin's daughter was expecting before the nominee announcement---- does anyone really believe that??

Mike Drake, my thoughts exactly! Just one more piece of evidence that shows McCain and his team don't have a clue. This would have been checked immediately if he'd have known about the pregnancy. Oh wait, it involves the use of the computer and the internet. I believe he said he was still learning about how to find information on the internet.

Can you just imagine what a field day the Republicans would of had if the table were turned?

Can you just imagine what a field day the Republicans would of had if the table were turned?

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