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Levi Johnston to attend convention with Sarah Palin and family; bolstering national hockey consciousness along the way

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02_levi_lgl.jpgFirst, it was the news that Levi Johnston, the most famous high school hockey player of all time, was the father of Bristol Palin's baby. Then, it was Blackhawks promo night at the Cubs game last night, with defenseman Brian Campbell singing the seventh-inning stretch.

And now, never one to avoid stealing a headline, that lovable scamp Johnston is set to join the Palin family on stage at the Republican National Convention, according to the Associated Press. Plus, he's getting tarmac face time with John McCain himself.

Forget the political implications. We're much more interested in what this means for America's fourth-most-popular professional sport.

The NHL season doesn't hit the ice until Oct. 4, but already hockey has invaded the collective subconscious -- at least here in the Midwest -- in ways we've never seen before.

The important question amid all this hoopla is this: Has the American mainstream finally come around to jumping on the hockey bandwagon, eh?

Is Levi Johnston -- the 18-year-old dubbed 'hunk' by too many media outlets to count -- exactly the unintended marketing tool that this too-oft-forgotten sport needed to boost its highlights from the final moments of Sports Center to -- dare I say -- the middle of the show!?!?!?

So enticing has this one amateur hockey player become to the media that it's gone and tracked down his mother, a self-proclaimed "country gal," who wants no part of the spotlight.

So attractive is this story that media outlets have taken to quoting the infamous unnamed 'relative' with this provocative nugget: "He's a good guy."

I can't imagine what's next for young Levi Johnston along this rocky road he faces. But one thing is for sure: The most famous high school hockey player of all time is good -- no, great -- for a sport that's getting better at being perceived as getting much better.

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A few questions: is Levi even in high school any longer? I've read conflicting reports about his age. Why does his MySpace page say that he does want to get married? Sounds like a forced marriage to me. This is all one big joke. I wouldn't count on Levi doing anything for the sport of hockey. He's a small-town hick thrust onto the big stage, courtesy of a poor vetting process by McCain.

Levi shoot, Levi scores!

Good luck Levi. At least we know where the extra chromosome came from.

I think Levi was visited by a couple of guys that gave him the goon hand into marring Bristol. Levi, the best course of action here is to marry Bristol until Sarah gets the VP spot. If mother in law wins well you are the husband of the VPs daughter if she looses your out.
C-ya and tell her to send you the bill.

17? Are we talking statutory rape?

Ahh yes the lefty hatchet men will leave no story un-slymed on their quest for power. levi must be a good player to catch the eye of the Gov daughter. So yes its good for his chances at the NHL and good for the Awsome sport of Ice Hockey. just be careful what you say about his wife to be as he is a hockey player and he will punch you in the nose :)

Sure, this 17 year old kid wants to get married...Do you know any 17 yr old boy that wants to get married?
Ya gotta be kidding...this is forced marriage of underage idiots

i wana say congrats to bristol and sarah and to the hole palin family. dave you must be jealous hes going to make more money then you will ever see in your lifetime hes actually doing something with his life. everyday 100s of teenage women get pregnant in the u.s shes just another teen that will learn in time with the love and support of her family. mccain/palin our going to be great in 08

Leave them alone. They're just a couple of teens who made a mistake like so many other have done and not have it announced on worldwide TV. Their relationship is doomed if they have to live in a glass bubble.

I don't understand why the media cannot denounce Bristol's child by Levi Johnston,but let him attend the Republican convention along with Sarah Palin where he will be out in front showing off to all to see.Where is the family values conservatives talk about?Now is that discrimination? It's not the Liberal media who is not at fault.Good reporting is favorably to get at the point.

His myspace wasnt accessed for over a year. Secondly everyone on myspace bullshits on it. You cant expect to know someone just by looking at his/hers myspace. Thats just stupid.

Was looking forward to a time for dialogue and peace whether McCain or Obama got elected!!

Disturbing to hear that Mr. McCain picked on a family whose family member proclaims to being a red-neck. Frog-in-the pond ignorance may be cute but can take on an scary form when the pond you live in is as powerful as America. White House rules the world and not just red-neck states. Desperately need a future of dailogue/ peace in America and the world!

The fact that the Governor's daughter spotted a hockey player implies that she likely viewed him as being the meal-ticket outta town. She behaved in typical hockey "puck" fashion, and sealed the deal for a long-term contract. Maybe he's got talent, but one thing's for sure, a hockey player can spot a tramp a mile away

It was the right and honorable thing for him to go to the convention and stand alongside his fiancé. Liberals would have slimed the family if he didn't show up just like they're trying to do because he did. Not too long ago it was the norm for people to get married around age 18... Not to mention the fact that Sarah Palin has refused to run for things without unanimous support from her family members (Track vetoed a 2004 U.S. Senate run she would likely have won), so Bristol was willing to take what the media and Dems were going to throw at her.

Family values would be standing by your daughter no matter what happens to her. I feel very proud to call myself a Conservative, knowing that people like Sarah Palin represent what we stand for. Would the more Conservative action be to get an abortion, which sadly would have been the liberal's way out of the situation.

Also, Alaska law is 16 and under for statutory rape.

I would simply suggest that all those in the medias and those offering condemnation without REALLY KNOWING ANY OF THE FACTS surrounding the lives of these two young people do the following. Do the math between your birthdate and the wedding date of your parents. If it comes up less than 9 months and your parents are still together and have nurtured and supported and loved you up to this point in your life you and your parents have been blessed. Funny how doing the right thing works out so often. It's called "grace".

Kevin Replies: Very well put.

Levi is HOT...he is one HOT STUD...Drop dead HOT!!! If Bristol ever gets tired of him, I'd be more than happy to take her place in bed w/him!!!

Kevin Replies: Really? Him?

Let's recognize that the reason Levi's at the convention is to lock him up and make sure that the press can't get directly to him without having anything he says screened by the McCain folks.

Levi, should be considered a SEX OFFENDER. and should join the list of the wrongly accused. Just because the 17 year old agreed to the act, he was the Adult and should have known she was a minor!! My son wears that title due to Lake County Ill. not the parents . What County is he from. If my son offended a minor why is Levi not also paying the price. This is BS>> he IS a sex offender!

Levi is a cutey. Did you know he has Bristol's named tattooed on his left ring finger? Well...he does. They're in love and should be left alone. True though, they will have a hard time of it if they are constantly under a microscope. I too would do him in a heartbeat. He's adorable.

Here is a thought-provoking matter to ponder over about Gov Palin. In Alaska there is a Statutory Rape law on the books that says that if an 18yr old has sex with a 17yr old it is a felony, and this law is implicit. Though I personally don't agree with teens having sex because of what can possibly happen, as in the case with Gov Palin's daughter. However, my argument is not whether an 18yr old should be arrested for having sex with a 17yr old, which I am not all that crazy about, but the law is the law. It can also be argued that Gov Palin has been an irresponsible parent for allowing it to happen, by not taking a stronger stand in educating her daughter about what can happen if she makes the choice to date and have sex, not to mention his age. This has more to do with Gov Palin being an irresponsible elected official, for not upholding the laws that she took an oath to uphold. Gov Palin along with others are treating this only as a personal matter, while totally disregarding its legal implication. I know this has caused personal embarrassment for Gov Palin, and I can sympathize with her for the embarrassment it has caused. Yet Irrespective of your differences with my opinion on this matter, I am sure we can all agree that we need someone in the Whitehouse that would implement the laws that they are entrusted to uphold. Because when we take a closer look at this matter, without any doubt there is a double standard being applied in this case, while many youngsters around the Country are serving jail time for commenting this same offense? After all, isn't the Republican the ones that are always saying building more prisons, is what this Country needs? How can we allow Gov Palin to govern America, with this type of mentality? I HOPE THIS IS NOT WHAT SHE MEANS WHEN SHE SAYS THAT SHE IS A MAVERICK!

Sorry, but Levi's hot!

Everyone is tip-toeing around the issue of Alaska Governor Palin’s 17 year old daughter Bristol becoming pregnant by her 18 year old boyfriend. We are being told “it’s a family matter that shouldn’t be in the press and that the couple plans to be married”.

Well, let me bring this issue to the fore front.

The majority of states in America today have laws / statues where consensual sex with a minor result in a statutory rape conviction, usually by that states Attorney General. A conviction is followed by a minimum of ten years living as a registered sex offender.

Is this not the law in Alaska? If so, how has Alaska avoided making it so?

If it is the law in Alaska then why hasn’t the Alaska Attorney General filed charges against Bristol’s boyfriend? Perhaps, it’s because it’s the governor’s daughter who’s pregnant?

I’ll ask the same question in regards to Britney Spears little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. Why was her boyfriend not charged with rape resulting in prison time and the requirement that he register as a sex-offender for the next ten years?

There is a double standard that celebrities and political families get special legal treatment but regular Americans are being stigmatized and persecuted for the rest of their lives for the very same acts.

Americans need to take a close look at the current sex-offender qualifications. Should an 18 year old who has consensual sex with their 17, 16 or 15 year old partner face the stigma of being a registered sex-offender?

In America the majority of people believe if you are a registered sex-offender then you are a child molester, a pedophile and a pervert.

There are thousands of innocent people who are being forced to become a registered sex-offender every year.

Public urination and “mooning” are both convictions that will also land you on the registry for a minimum of ten years.

When you are a registered sex-offender, you struggle to find and keep housing, employment and your family because of the stress and humiliation that the registry creates within yourself, your neighbors, your co-workers and vigilantes looking for justice for a victim they don’t even know.

In some states like Virginia the accusation of being “touched” is sufficient for prosecution with a sentence of life plus 20 years in prison. The state does not require physical evidence, a witness or that the accuser be mentally evaluated and it doesn’t matter if the accuser has a history of lying, that’s “inadmissible” Virginia even enters the “accusation” as evidence in court!

In Virginia, they prosecute every accusation which means a conviction every time and jail time is highly likely unless you plead “guilty”.

I am not supporting these current laws, statues or the existence of the sex-offender registry,

I want all Americans to know what laws are in existence today, how unfair and appalling they are and stand up and say “No more”.

Maybe if a few celebrities and political families have to endure the demonization of being a registered sex-offender, these ridiculous laws would be eliminated.

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