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Josh Howard not a fan of the national anthem, not afraid to say so

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Josh Howard, Dallas Mavericks swingman and former Demon Deacon, finds himself in a tough spot today after video of him disrespecting the "The Star-Spangled Banner" surfaced on YouTube.

The video can be viewed here. (This may be offensive to viewers.)

Howard says, "The Star-Spangled Banner' is going on. I don't celebrate this [expletive]. I'm black."

Then there is some reference to Barack Obama that I can't make out.

The video was shot at a charity flag-football game in July.

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Josh Howard is an ignorant clown, that's really all there is to it.

This is one of those "so that was the dominant sperm?" examples of a man. Perhaps Josh could spend a weekend entertaining our troops in Iraq. I'm sure those fighting for his freedom would understand and appreciate his feelings.

Being a retired veteran of 23 1/2 years he just needs to say thank you for being allowed to speak his mind. He can move to another country where his rights are not so clear and up held. So thank a vet, a widow of a vet, or the children who lost a parent, that gave their life to keep him safe and able to run his mouth.

josh you are making winston-salem and wake forest look bad. come on and get it together.

The problem here is that Josh Howard is a complete moron, who received a sham diploma from one of the best private schools in America. He is paid millions to play in the NBA. This is not some well-thought out political or social commentary. This is a sub-human spouting off and mugging for the camera in typical fashion. These people dropping n-bombs are just as bad (except they don't make millions playing a game - Howard should hold and present himself like a man and not a complete criminal)

You may not like what Josh Howard had to say but as a black man he described accurately how most of us feel about the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance. I don't think it has a place during sporting events. It's not a 4th of July parade it's a ball game.

Painfully ignorant.

it's not painfully ignorant. it's more a defense mechanism if anything. unless you've been black and have EVER experienced racism, dont be foolish to believe you know the plight. racism is still a factor today but its much more mental. black people in general, NOT overtly are still considered second class. even with the millions he makes.second class. he and other blacks are NOT looked at as equals by society as a whole, here and overseas. individually most non blacks dont carry prejudice and it's gotten MUCH better over the years, imagine the perception if we elect a black president. yet it will be a number of years, if at all that people dont look at people that are different than them with any prejudice. what he said was VERY politically incorrect, but it still hurts to not be seen as equal. it's a defense mechanism. thats all.

Speak for yourself only Mr Mcgee... Not most of us feel that way. As a black man, I think It was an ignorant statement. He has the right to say whatever he wants. That National Anthem and what it stands for is what makes it possible for him to live the life he does and say any Ignorant crap he wants.

How disrespectful can you be? What does race have to do with the National Anthem or the Pledege of Allegience??? Nothing. If you don't like them, keep it to yourself or better yet, move to a country that has a national anthem you prefer. There are a lot of hard working men and women who work hard to maintain the freedom Americans enjoy and there are a lot of people who would give anything to enjoy or rights.

Home of the free, because of the brave.

I'm deployed in the middle east right now. It's nice to know that what my fellow soldiers and I are doing means something to someone. This has nothing to do with race, it is a matter of an AMERICAN having no pride in his country. Come on over here Josh, we'll show you what its like to have some pride in what you do and where you come from.
Thank you all who support the troops, whether you agree with the principle behind our work or not. It means more than you know.

Speak McGee, speak for yourself! As a black man I have come to develop a much greater appreciation for OUR country after leaving the “fishbowl” and traveling the world. Although we’re a relatively young country, it is far better than many countries around the world that have existed for thousands of years. Did you ever wonder why so many brave people will risk their lives to get HERE! Some people are thankful for opportunity while those that have it are ignorant of their gifts. It’s not about Black or White because there are many shades in between…it’s about AMERICA!

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