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Jay Mariotti won't be joining Chicago Tribune; Avoids inevitable awkward exchanges with former Trib targets

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.7_19 FROST JOE GODDARD.A0243.jpgOur former Sun-Times colleague and ESPN "Around the Horn" contributor Jay Mariotti won't be joining the ranks of the Chicago Tribune, according to an article on the paper's Web site.

Mariotti told the Trib, whose writers were often the target of some of his most pointed columns:

"The Sun-Times' lawyer threatened me with a lawsuit in 64-point type. Things sort of stalled."

This comes as somewhat of a surprise, considering that Mariotti-to-the-Trib rumors were called a matter of when, not if on Deadspin last week.

The site has changed its tune with today's headline, "Tribune Kills Mariotti Talks As A Thankful Populace Rejoices."

This would seem to be good news for some Tribsters who were wary of "Hurricane" Jay's potential arrival. Over at Michael Miner's News Bites blog on the Chicago Reader Web site, Trib columnist Mike Downey is quoted saying: "Only six groups would be offended by Jay being hired. The Cubs. The White Sox. The Bears. The Bulls. The Tribune staff. And our readers. Everybody else is going to say, 'What a great hire!'"

When he left the Sun-Times, Mariotti said he was in talks with several Web sites that he would potentially write for. It'll be interesting to see at which of those sites he eventually lands.

In case you've forgotten the blow up surrounding Jay's departure, Kyle had an excellent wrap-up of all the drama here.

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Kevin, I would consider it a personal favor if you could take down those pictures of Jay. Very creepy-very disturbing. thanx

You lying sacks -- if Mariotti was as awful as you say, you wouldn't have paid him big bucks a year ago to return. You would have let him run off to the Tribune. Love him or hate him, Mariotti is a damn good writer. Now when I open the paper you see Greg Grouch and Rick Snorender. Why don't you folks drive Steinberg away and then ALL of your writers can be as sedate and boring as the ones at the Trib?

What gets lost in all the venom directed against Jay Mariotti is the fact that he is the best writer of all the sports columnists in Chicago. Mike Downey is probably the worst.

Rusty must have known the guy or something. As much as he ripped on him, Jay and Mike North could be soul mates. It's just like the cliched "train wreck"-- you can't look away. I literally would tear off the back page of the Sun-Times so I wouldn't even be tempted by his baiting headlines. He had nothing but bad things to say about everyone, and I'm glad he's gone.

Credit where it's due people.
"Mariotti is a damn good writer"

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