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Ho-hum Hanna, "plucky" East Carolina Pirates and suddenly Greenville, NC is a bit big for its britches

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They're getting cocky down in Greenville. A visit to the Web site of the town's Daily Reflector newspaper reveals the top headlines: "ECU is two for two" and "Hanna hurries by."

OK, Greenville. We get it. You're having a really good weekend. You've avoided destruction and bested the No. 8 team in the nation in West Virginia. And you're the BMX capitol of the United Sates, according to your Wikipedia page.

Sure, East Carolina has beaten three ranked teams in a row and looks poised to ease through the Conference USA schedule. But c'mon, Greenville. You and your approximate 209,000 residents don't really think you can keep this hot streak up, do you?

We're watching you, Greenville. And as for you, Daily Reflector. Shame. Shame. Just because the city you serve has become infested with braggadocios doesn't mean you need to reflect that bravado ... daily.

We're watching, Greenville. Oh, we're watching.

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Our university's name is East Carolina, not eastern carolina or any other variation.

Kevin Replies: Well Blackbeard, thank you for proving my point about the mounting bravado of Greenvillians. And thanks to the power of these Internets, it's as though I never got it wrong in the first place.


I am not sure if you watched that game on Saturday because your post is terrible but the Pirates went out and dominated a team that has two Heisman hopefuls. WVU is going to continue to dominate the Big East for the rest of the season.

I have the feeling that you didn't do your research either. "Eastern Carolina Pirates"?!?!? Does the Sun-Times pay you or are you paying the Sun-Times to actually put this trash up on their site? Plus, you act like you are still in college by citing Wikipedia as a source. I know you are a blogger but you actually work for a paper that has some amount of credibility (but I still am not sure how you got the job there).


Charlie Brinson

Kevin Replies: Well Chuck, that was rather insulting and uncalled-for. If you're as cordial to people in person as you are behind the blessed faceless cloak of these internets, I'm sure you're a real hit at your ECU alumni parties. Good luck with that and check back for future college-level updates on them fightin' Pirates! You stay classy, Greenville.

If you turned that hat in your picture around would it say WVU or something?

Geez...what did the people of Greenville ever do to you?

Kevin Replies: Kyle's actually the one in the hat -- and if you turned it around it would probably bear a Florida Marlins logo (the Fightin' Fish!). Few people know that Kyle's a fan of any team that raises my ire. As for my pretend beef with Greenville and all those cocksure Greenvillians -- it all stems back to the fact that I'm color blind and therefore feel left out of any town whose name incorporates a color -- including Blacksburg, Va. and, by entirely contrived proxy, its sister city, Morgantown, WVA.

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