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Hard hittin' Carlos Quentin hit his bat a little too hard

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Angels White Sox Quentin Baseball.jpg
Carlos Quentin sits -- dejected, forlorn, in pain -- in the dugout Friday night during the White Sox game against the Angels at the Cell. (AP Photo)

Remember how Carlos Quentin has pretty much kept the White Sox in the playoff hunt all season, saving face for the team's general manager Kenny Williams along the way?

Yeah, that's all pretty much moot now that Quentin broke his wrist and may be out for the rest of the season. However, he would like everyone to know that it was NOT a rage-induced wall punch that busted his right wrist, as was the rumor Joe Cowley told us via Twitter.

As he told the Trib's Mark Gonzales:

"My last at-bat, second pitch, I fouled it off against [Cliff] Lee," Quentin said in describing how he broke his wrist Monday in Cleveland. "Something I've done thousands of times since I was a kid. I had my bat in my left hand and kind of hit down on the bat head with my right hand [with a] closed fist. I hit it a little bit low and nicked my wrist.

He would also like (the other) Sox Nation to know that he did not punch a wall. Once again, the words of my mother come back to ring true: Don't hit.

But if he must hit, I offer this advice to Quentin: Hit a (soft) wall. Hit a pillow. Just don't hit the top of your bat. Otherwise, your team might wind up feeling queasy, as Chris de Luca tells us.

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