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Fabian Espindola breaks leg celebrating a goal that wasn't a goal

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What could possibly be more embarassing than breaking your leg while you celebrate scoring a goal?

If the goal didn't even count.

Real Salt Lake forward Fabian Espindola's aerial acrobats took a turn for the worse when he stuck the landing on a nifty flip and fractured his left leg. Video after the jump.

The silliness takes place 46 seconds in. Enjoy.

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Kyle, keep the soccer stories coming... but only if they are not really about soccer itself but rather about goofy things happening at soccer matches (there should be plenty of material). Please don't ever write an actual story about soccer. bruce and I raised you better than that.

Yeah, like Jon says, stay away from that subject matter unless it involves some degree of ridicule. It's a degenerating slippery slope. Proof of that is the fact that when he was little we made Jon eat a bar of soap every time he used the other word for kickball and still he uses it 4 times in his comment. Does soap still come in 4-paks.

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