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Doctor Ricky Williams: 'Tell me where it hurts'

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rickywilliams.jpgThere was a time when even the least funny guy you know was cracking wise about Ricky Williams and marijuana. But it turns out that the former Texas Longhorn and nose ring enthusiast might be the one getting the last laugh.

Williams signed a one-year contract extension with the Miami Dolphins this weekend and by all accounts seems like he's got his life moving in the right direction. He's taking classes at Nova Southeastern University and plans on becoming a doctor after he retires from football.
"Williams wants to become a doctor, and Nova has a program that will allow him to study Osteopathy.

''Hopefully, when I'm 40, I'll be starting my next career,'' Williams, 31, said.

These are obviously high aspirations, but Williams said he realized he was gifted in the field of holistic medicine, which is encouraged in Osteopathy, during his world travels.

''I like seeing people feel better, and I know what it feels like to deal with pain,'' Williams said.

I do have one question about the course he is taking. Granted, I had the privilege of living in a very good school district -- but I distinctly remember taking pre-algebra in sixth grade. So why is it being offered at the collegiate level?

Regardless of this confusion, it's nice to see Ricky gaining ground on his dreams.

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