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Detroit Lions nobly grasp defeat from the jaws of victory yet again

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bruce.jpgAfter much prodding, the father of this blogger has agreed to weigh in on the Detroit Lions. And although I've tried my best to capture the essence of what it's like to support this franchise, there is no better voice than that of a man who has seen them lose in every conceivable way for more than a half century. We here at Sports Pros(e) thank him for taking time out of fixing this gas guzzler to share his thoughts.

BY BRUCE KOSTER Sports Pros(e) Contributor

Well another Sunday, another episode of "you can't make us win" at the Silverdome/ Ford  Field O' Dome. Locations, years, coaches and quarterbacks are all meaningless distractions that comprise the undefinable blur marketed as the Lions.

Officially, I quit rooting for them about 1985. But I must confess they are still my team. I know it's twisted, but I love the way they deliver. They give me what I'm expecting every time I invest three hours of my Sunday couch time.

I'm there to see my team do ANYTHING they can to not win a game. Today, once again I witnessed a masterpiece painted on the big green canvas. My guys unwittingly stumbled into a come-from-way-behind 1-point lead with seven minutes left in the game.
Fortunatly, the snore-o-dome was filled with ticket holders who had never witnessed a Lion lead before. The deafening excitement alerted our quarterback as to what was going on. Like the true professionals they are, my team quickly delivered three interceptions in the next five minutes that all resulted in touchdowns for the Packers.

For a guy that is used to losing by missed field goals or opposing team's field goals in the last five seconds of the game, this was an amazing display of determination to deliver what I expected. They just never dissapoint

Thank you Lions!  Thank you Matt Milen. See you next week.

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AH! Truer words were never spoken. Why in the world there is one person (football fan or not) who waste valuable gas money to watch a Ford run operation is beyond my comprehension! Losers since 1958-- only in Detroit does the this attitude prevail.

Thanks Stevie. By the way, will you be returning my Lions coasters and stadium blanket anytime soon? Oh, and you might want to get back on the dyslexia medicine.

Kyle responds: Stevie hasn't been the same since the Buckeyes got straight-up destroyed in LA Saturday night.

Bruce, you summed up my thoughts on the Lions perfectly. It's almost as if we're related or something. For years I have been trying to explain to people why I continue to watch this sorry excuse for a professional football team. The answer is simple - you will not find a more entertaining three hours of television anywhere. They do things that one would think were impossible, and you truly never know what you are going to see next. Some people watch "Celebrity Rehab" or "The Surreal Life" to see the trainwreck that is sure to ensue when you throw a bunch of dysfunctional, pampered quasi-celebrities under one roof. I watch the Lions.

OHHHHH! My Buckeyes!!! I knew it was going to be a real chore. But watching the Buckeyes lose, is such a seldom thing. Almost equal to the amount of times The Lions win. That is a total amount since 1958 -- 50 YEARS AGO!!!!! Old Man Ford and kids have no pride in what type of product they have. By the way, Bruce -- I used your blanket to line the Cricket cage. The crickets don't ever do anything on the blanket but die and rot. Hmmmm... And the coasters just disintegrated the first time I used them.

Jon: Sorry you had to find out about your blanket this way. By the way, Kyle did another kickball story. But you can relax-he lended no credibility to the sport.

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