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Daniel Squadron inspires voters, sports metaphors, comparisons to Matt Forte

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Front-Page-Portrait.jpgHere at Sports Pros(e) we love to see when sports wiggles its sporty behind into all things pop culture and politics. So it thrilled us this afternoon to mosey across a few stories about a young New York politician named Daniel Squadron.

Squadron, 28, played Giants to 30-year incumbent Martin E. Connor's Patriots, defeating him in the Democratic primary for New York State Senate. Meanwhile, a look back at Squadron's career shows that he played the part of an in-training Tom Brady to Sen. Charles E. Schumer's Drew Bledsoe when he worked as an aide in Schumer's office.

The sportly metaphors don't end there. The Village Voice gives Squadron a one-two punch of criticism in a recent article, even going so far as to say he has "a glass jaw" when it comes to stepping up to tough questions about his finances.

Squadron's story thus far -- that of a rookie who seems to come from out of nowhere to shock the cagiest of veterans -- reminds us that sometimes, an underdog isn't an underdog at all, but rather a topdog whose face the spotlight has yet to hit at just the right angle.

That's what's fun about politics and that's why we love sport. That nothing's given. That an unknown can shock us all.

It's explains the world's fascination with a Chicagoan named Obama and an Alaskan named Palin.

And it explains Chicago's newest fascination with a guy named Matt who, to quote Teddy Roosevelt, speaks softly and carries a big stick -- or football.

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