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Congo riot over soccer witchcraft kills 11 people

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Rumor of 'witchcraft' spawned a soccer riot that killed 11 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo .

" Eleven people were killed in a stadium riot in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo after a soccer player tried to use witchcraft to win a local match, U.N.-backed Radio Okapi reported on Monday.

Nyuki club was losing to local rivals Socozaki on Sunday when Nyuki's goalkeeper advanced up the pitch and tried to use "fetishist" spells to turn the tide of the match, Okapi said, without giving more details.

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I can't help but feel at least partially responsible for this. Sorry.

Kyle responds: Witchcraft.

soccer sucks

hi everyone! im looking for some info on witchcraft for a paper im writing. i got some good books written by raven grimassi, and i stumbled upon a site, that were helpful, but lookin for more info. thanks! EJ

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