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CC Sabathia throws one-hitter, possibly a no-hitter

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cc.jpgCC Sabathia, Milwaukee starting pitcher and large back tattoo enthusiast, was straight up dealing against the Pittsburgh Pirates Sunday. The current box score shows that Sabathia threw a one-hitter against the hapless cellar dwellers. But eventually, the big left-hander may be credited with a no-hitter.
Andy LaRoche was awarded with an infield single when Sabathia misplayed his dribbler in the fifth inning. Brewers manager Ned Yost is of the opinion that this was not a base-hit. Take a look for yourself.

Uh...that sure looks like an error. The Brewers have appealed the call to Major League Baseball, and this armchair official scorer hopes the league does the right thing and gives CC his no-no.

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No question about it. CC picked up the ball with plenty of time, and CLEARLY dropped it. He should be charged an "E," and so should the bonehead official scorer!

if the MLB changes the scoring of the play and give Sabathia a no-no, then they need to take a look at Kerry Wood's 20k game ... I thought then and still do that Orie made an error on play that was scored as the only hit he gave up that day.

NO-NO for KID-K !!!

Kyle responds: A nice thought, but I'm pretty sure there's a statute of limitations on these type of things.

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