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Bears Brightside Vol. 6: Bears in first place; Matt Forte leads early ROY ballots; Orton's neckbeard takes backseat to his play; defense returns to form; offensive line questions answered. I told you so.

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bears.jpgBrandon McGowan, Charles Tillman and Kevin Payne do the safety dance. (AP Photo)

As the saying goes, what a difference a day makes. Twenty four hours ago, it's safe to say that the vast majority of informed football enthusiasts didn't expect the Bears to win, much less dominate the Colts 29-13 in a game that was pretty much in the books by the middle of the third quarter. It's safe to say, however, that I was a bit more optimistic than the average football enthusiast with my 32-24 prediction yesterday.

But even I didn't expect the Bears' defense to fare as well as it did against a Manning-led Colts offense. As Danimal pointed out in a comment on yesterday's Bears Brightside, "Well, you got the bears offense right, but why give them so little credit on defense?" Well put for a man who claims to be half-Dan, half-animal.

Just so we never forget the haters, here's a look back at some of the Tribster's Bears-related headlines from before last night's big victory over the Indianapolis Colts:

Rick Morrissey: No cause for optimism with Bears

Mike Downey: Bears unlikely to surprise in 2008

The closest the Tribsters came to anything resembling accuracy in the days leading up to yesterday's victory came from David Haugh:

5 ways Orton can succeed in the Bears' offense

Note to Colts: We're not in 2006 anymore -- subtitled 'Injuries to Colts' offensive line, Manning's lack of practice present opportunity for upset'

And here are some of the headlines following the Bears' victor (Note that none are titled 'I was wrong; Kevin was right':

Forte shines in debut as Bears stun Colts

Pretty good as openers go

Rick Telander: Backfield bonanza

Couch: A re-defining moment

Mike "Bears unlikely to surprise" Downey: Showtime for Bears

David Haugh: Bears gushing in Lucas Oil opener

So what can we take from the Bears' opener? Are they 'back' in that pessimistic way that Midway Monster doubters try to crawl secretly back onto the Bears bandwagon?

That would indicate that the Bears went somewhere in the first place. Expect the doubters to question whether this week was a fluke and hearken the Bears' playoff loss to the Panthers to end the 2005 season as an indicator of how the team might perform next Sunday.

Jake Delhomme and the Panthers hung on by their fingernails to 'Shock the Chargers' yesterday. They're battered. They're not as deep as the Bears. This team's in good shape. This city's in good shape. Get excited, Chicago. We're better than they thought and at least as good as I think.

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I love my Bears, even picked them to win in my weekly pool, but... I did not predict how dominantly they would win. I was pleasantly surprised, and came in optimistic to begin with. I pegged Forte for 70-80 yards against a stiff D. I pegged Kyle for 150-200yds and maybe a score (plus a turnover in my opinion, but it didnt happen!)

I thought the D would get 1-2 big plays (but couldnt predict 8 pts.)

I thought Manning and Addai would play well, but fail to get it done in the end...

I didn't predict we would confuse, slap, and dominate the whole team all game. Good going Bears!

I think if we can resemble the run stop we put up this week next week, even closely, the panthers won't keep up. If they can move the ball on the ground though, it'll be a tougher game. I bet we pull this one off too, but it'll be a little closer. I bet we get 1-2 of those passing touchdowns this week though, and Forte finds the endzone again.

Kevin replies: Good to hear I'm not the only one who believed -- and continues to believe -- in this club.

This is the bears bread and butter. Run the ball well enough to keep the defense rested enough to do there thing. And not turn the ball over. Hester did his thing even though he didn't do anything. We got the ball past the 35-40 yard line pretty much on every drive. For a team last year that beat the packers twice, the NFC north should be a little worried what they saw come out of Indy. Lets go Bears!!!

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