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The Oklahoma City basketball franchise will soon have a name

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clay.jpgBy this time next week, the newest sports nickname will be introduced into the zeitgeist when the Oklahoma City basketball franchise announces its name and team colors. The powers-that-be have applied for the trademarks for six different options. Rest assured, we've got the pros and cons of each possibility.
Thunder: It should be noted that Oklahoma City television station KOCO says this is going to be the choice. In no way can I support the use of a singular noun as a team name. Obviously the Red and White Sox are grandfathered in and I reluctantly accept the Jazz, but it has to stop.

Energy: Clearly the worst of all the choices, this name would better suit a WNBA franchise.  The only saving grace would be the headline layups for sportswriters.

Wind: Wind? Seriously? The very fact that this one made it to the final round of cuts makes me question the passion behind this whole process. The rest of these have to get better, right?
Marshalls: OK, this is a little better. If they went this route there had better be some sort of badge representation on the jerseys. The obvious problem: confusion with the college in West Virginia and the connection to the lackluster Matthew Fox movie.

Barons: There has to be a handkerchief involved in this logo, right?

Bison: This is were it gets tricky. Earlier I railed against singular nouns. But "Bison" could describe a collection of 12 bison or 12 basketball players. Any variation on the Buffalo Bills logo would be a great direction to take this. Plus, fans could be referred to as "the herd." OK, this one wins.

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